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  1. goodness of fit
  2. irreversibility
  3. initiative vs. guilt
  4. trust vs mistrust
  5. social contagion
  1. a Erikson's psychosocial stages about first year, need from caregiver is responsiveness
  2. b Thomas and Chess- combines genetics and environment, child rearing to match temperament
  3. c cannot mentally reverse a set of steps-always drive to store one way
  4. d imitative behavior involving the spread of behavior, emotions, and ideas
  5. e Erikson's third stage in which the child finds independence in planning, playing and other activities

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  1. Eriksons' first psychosocial crisis. infants learn basic trust if the world is a secure place where their basic needs (for food, comfort, attention, and so on) are met
  2. focus on one aspect and neglect others
  3. failure to distinguish others' views from my own, self centered
  4. child's link to caregiver
  5. reaching, grasping, self help, dressing eating, drawing and painting

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  1. object permanenceunderstanding that objects continue to exist when out of sight


  2. scaffoldingredundant, unused, getting rid of unused


  3. zone of proximal developmentAinsworth- secure, avoidant, resistant, disorganized/disoriented. Bowlby preattachment, attachment-in-the-making, clear-cut attachment, formation of a reciprocal relationship.


  4. Neuronsspecialized cells of the nerous system-basic unit in brain


  5. dendritesfocus on one aspect and neglect others


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