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  1. pruning
  2. Over-regularization
  3. initiative vs. guilt
  4. trust vs mistrust
  5. zone of proximal development
  1. a what child can do alone vs. with assistance
  2. b Erikson's third stage in which the child finds independence in planning, playing and other activities
  3. c Eriksons' first psychosocial crisis. infants learn basic trust if the world is a secure place where their basic needs (for food, comfort, attention, and so on) are met
  4. d master grammatical rules then overextend them.
  5. e redundant, unused, getting rid of unused

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  1. the fear of being away from the parent and the desire to avoid strangers. begins from nine to about eighteen months
  2. Erikson's psychosocial stages about first year, need from caregiver is responsiveness
  3. arranging objects in sequential order according to one aspect, such as size, weight, or volume
  4. practice speaking alone
  5. Brain's ability to reorganize and change its structure and function throughout its lifespan.

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  1. synapsesallow neurons to recieve input from other neurons


  2. nonorganic failure to thrivea growth disorder usually present by 18 months of age that is caused by lack of affection and stimulation


  3. gross motor skillsreaching, grasping, self help, dressing eating, drawing and painting


  4. egocentrismfocus on one aspect and neglect others


  5. animismbelief that inanimate objects have lifelike qualities


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