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  1. conservation
  2. Guided participation
  3. forms of attachment
  4. fear of strangers
  5. Over-regularization
  1. a Ainsworth- secure, avoidant, resistant, disorganized/disoriented. Bowlby preattachment, attachment-in-the-making, clear-cut attachment, formation of a reciprocal relationship.
  2. b xenophobia
  3. c master grammatical rules then overextend them.
  4. d sit and do learning together
  5. e ability to understand mass and volume, different shape glasses

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  1. redundant, unused, getting rid of unused
  2. Thomas and Chess- combines genetics and environment, child rearing to match temperament
  3. reaching, grasping, self help, dressing eating, drawing and painting
  4. Erikson's third stage in which the child finds independence in planning, playing and other activities
  5. words children use to communicate with others

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  1. neuroplasticityBrain's ability to reorganize and change its structure and function throughout its lifespan.


  2. nonorganic failure to thrivea growth disorder usually present by 18 months of age that is caused by lack of affection and stimulation


  3. social mediationimitative behavior involving the spread of behavior, emotions, and ideas


  4. gross motor skillscrawlingb, standing, walking, balance improves, gain smooth and rythmic movements, upper and lower body skills combine into refined actions by 5, greater speed and endurance


  5. trust vs mistrustErikson's psychosocial stages about first year, need from caregiver is responsiveness


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