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  1. separation anxiety
  2. pruning
  3. attachment
  4. goodness of fit
  5. trust vs mistrust
  1. a child's link to caregiver
  2. b Erikson's psychosocial stages about first year, need from caregiver is responsiveness
  3. c redundant, unused, getting rid of unused
  4. d Thomas and Chess- combines genetics and environment, child rearing to match temperament
  5. e the fear of being away from the parent and the desire to avoid strangers. begins from nine to about eighteen months

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  1. what child can do alone vs. with assistance
  2. this is what I hear and and I respond but I can't speak it all back to you.
  3. Piaget's term for the way infants think by using their senses and motor skills during the first period of cognitive development
  4. reactivity, speed and intensity of emotional arousal, attention, and motor activity
  5. human interaction that expands and advances understanding, often through words that one person used to explain something to another

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  1. Operant conditioningimitative behavior involving the spread of behavior, emotions, and ideas


  2. gross motor skillscrawlingb, standing, walking, balance improves, gain smooth and rythmic movements, upper and lower body skills combine into refined actions by 5, greater speed and endurance


  3. seriationarranging objects in sequential order according to one aspect, such as size, weight, or volume


  4. Theory of Mindbeginning to understand people around them more in order to understand other peoples feelings, if I break this mom will get mad.


  5. nonorganic failure to thrivea growth disorder usually present by 18 months of age that is caused by lack of affection and stimulation


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