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  1. conservation
  2. nonorganic failure to thrive
  3. private speech
  4. centration
  5. forms of attachment
  1. a ability to understand mass and volume, different shape glasses
  2. b focus on one aspect and neglect others
  3. c Ainsworth- secure, avoidant, resistant, disorganized/disoriented. Bowlby preattachment, attachment-in-the-making, clear-cut attachment, formation of a reciprocal relationship.
  4. d practice speaking alone
  5. e a growth disorder usually present by 18 months of age that is caused by lack of affection and stimulation

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  1. redundant, unused, getting rid of unused
  2. cannot mentally reverse a set of steps-always drive to store one way
  3. the fear of being away from the parent and the desire to avoid strangers. begins from nine to about eighteen months
  4. arranging objects in sequential order according to one aspect, such as size, weight, or volume
  5. Vygotsky's idea that learners should be given only just enough help so that they can reach the next level

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  1. animismredundant, unused, getting rid of unused


  2. initiative vs. guiltErikson's third stage in which the child finds independence in planning, playing and other activities


  3. preoperational thoughtPiaget- gains in mental representation, make believe play, symbol-real-world relations. Limitations, egocentrism, conservatism, hierarchical classification, animistic thinking.


  4. object permanencereactivity, speed and intensity of emotional arousal, attention, and motor activity


  5. Guided participationarranging objects in sequential order according to one aspect, such as size, weight, or volume


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