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  1. zone of proximal development
  2. Over-regularization
  3. Guided participation
  4. social contagion
  5. centration
  1. a sit and do learning together
  2. b master grammatical rules then overextend them.
  3. c focus on one aspect and neglect others
  4. d imitative behavior involving the spread of behavior, emotions, and ideas
  5. e what child can do alone vs. with assistance

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  1. infants act, or operate, on the environment, and stimuli, that follow their behavior change the probability that the behavior will occur again.
  2. reaching, grasping, self help, dressing eating, drawing and painting
  3. Ainsworth- secure, avoidant, resistant, disorganized/disoriented. Bowlby preattachment, attachment-in-the-making, clear-cut attachment, formation of a reciprocal relationship.
  4. Piaget's term for the way infants think by using their senses and motor skills during the first period of cognitive development
  5. redundant, unused, getting rid of unused

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  1. neuroplasticityspecialized cells of the nerous system-basic unit in brain


  2. goodness of fitbeginning to understand people around them more in order to understand other peoples feelings, if I break this mom will get mad.


  3. Theory of Mindspecialized cells of the nerous system-basic unit in brain


  4. nonorganic failure to thrivea growth disorder usually present by 18 months of age that is caused by lack of affection and stimulation


  5. Neuronsredundant, unused, getting rid of unused


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