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  1. microcredit
  2. conglamerate
  3. deformitties
  4. exploit
  5. dichotomy
  1. a Being misshapen
  2. b Divide in to two parts
  3. c Thing mafe of a mixture of anything
  4. d The giving of small loans to businesses
  5. e Use Selfishly

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  1. A mountainous landlocked country in central Asia
  2. Hidden activity
  3. Sudden political acton that results to change of government
  4. Having an interest
  5. Being Banished or sent away from native land

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  1. dependenceReliabilty, trust


  2. elaborateUse Selfishly


  3. demarcheA political act or gesture


  4. Challenge Word: bellicosea person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage


  5. pesticideHaving an interest


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