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  1. dichotomy
  2. dilemma
  3. sacreligious
  4. demarche
  5. vested
  1. a Making fun of what is sacred or religious
  2. b Confusing problem
  3. c A political act or gesture
  4. d Divide in to two parts
  5. e Having an interest

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  1. Reliabilty, trust
  2. Group united usually for political purposes
  3. intended to attract notice and impress others
  4. The giving of small loans to businesses
  5. Having intracate detail

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  1. exploitUse Selfishly


  2. nationalismHaving pride in one's country


  3. Challenge Word: bellicosehaving or showing a ready disposition to fight


  4. Challenge Word: jingoistichaving or showing a ready disposition to fight


  5. exclusiveNot allowing someone or something


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