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  1. conglamerate
  2. Challenge Word: jingoistic
  3. pesticide
  4. nationalism
  5. vested
  1. a Thing mafe of a mixture of anything
  2. b Having pride in one's country
  3. c Having an interest
  4. d fanatically patriotic
  5. e Chemical used for destroying plant pests

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  1. A political act or gesture
  2. Use Selfishly
  3. A mountainous landlocked country in central Asia
  4. Sudden political acton that results to change of government
  5. conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods

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  1. exclusiveNot allowing someone or something


  2. deformittiesA political act or gesture


  3. dichotomyConfusing problem


  4. Challenge Word: ostentatiousconducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods


  5. disparityBeing unequal


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