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  1. Counseling and coordination of care are what kind of factors in most cases?
  2. Complexity of medical decision making is based on 3 _____
  3. Discussion with a patient and/or family concerning 1 or more of the following areas: diagnostic results, impressions, and/or recommended diagnostic studies, prognosis, risks and benefits of treatment is ______
  4. One who has not been formally admitted to a health care facility
  5. Attention to an acute illness or injury that results in hospitalization
  1. a outpatient
  2. b Contributory
  3. c Counseling
  4. d Elements
  5. e Admission

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  1. BA
  2. High severity, moderate severity, low severity, self-limited/minor, minimal severity
  3. Established patient
  4. High, moderate, low, straightforward
  5. Transfer of care

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  1. One who has been formally admitted to an acute health care facilityoutpatient


  2. The history is the ______ information the patient tells the physician.Subjective


  3. One who has not received services from the physician or another physician in the same group (and specialty) within the last 3 yearsNew Patient


  4. An inventory of body systems obtained through questioning to identify signs and/or symptoms that the patient may be experiencing is a ____ of _____Review of systems


  5. First 3 factors a coder must consider when coding are patient ______, ________, and _______Office visit


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