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  1. When critically ill patients in medical emergencies require the constant attendance of the physician to stabilize them, what kind of care is needed?
  2. Face to face encounter between the physician and patient
  3. Evaluation and determination f care for a newborn infant
  4. When care is provided for similar services to the same patient by more than one physician on the same day for different conditions, the care is ______
  5. Counseling and coordination of care are what kind of factors in most cases?
  1. a Critical care
  2. b Office visit
  3. c Contributory
  4. d Newborn care
  5. e Concurrent

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  1. Consultation
  2. Inpatient
  3. High, moderate, low, straightforward
  4. Emergency
  5. Consultation, attending

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  1. The examination that is limited to the affected body area is the _____BA


  2. The history is the ______ information the patient tells the physician.Subjective


  3. One who has not received services from the physician or another physician in the same group (and specialty) within the last 3 yearsNew Patient


  4. 4 types of patient statusVery low birth weight


  5. Complexity of medical decision making is based on 3 _____Elements


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