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  1. How many types of histories are there?
  2. The 4 types of examinations in order of difficulty (least to most difficult)
  3. Inpatient time spent at the bedside or nursing station during or after the visit is what kind of time?
  4. Discussion with a patient and/or family concerning 1 or more of the following areas: diagnostic results, impressions, and/or recommended diagnostic studies, prognosis, risks and benefits of treatment is ______
  5. If the physician who is standing by does so for 25 minutes, can he or she round the time up to 30 minutes for reporting purposes?
  1. a Counseling
  2. b 4
  3. c No
  4. d Problem focused, expanded problem focused, detailed, and comprehensive
  5. e Unit/floor

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  1. outpatient
  2. Initial, subsequent
  3. Critical care
  4. BA
  5. Problem focused

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  1. What does VLBW stand for?Very low birth weight


  2. 4 types of medical decision making, in order of complexity from most to least complexProblem focused, expanded problem focused, detailed, and comprehensive


  3. Complexity of medical decision making is based on 3 _____4


  4. First 3 factors a coder must consider when coding are patient ______, ________, and _______Patient status, type of service, place of service


  5. Term used to describe a patient who has been formally admitted to a hospitaloutpatient


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