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  1. DH
  2. History of the Present Illness
  3. Dietary History
  4. HPI
  5. If an error is on a record, what is the correct way of correcting it?
  1. a Draw a single line through the error, write the correct word, write corr with initials and date.
  2. b Duration, progress, how it happened
  3. c Dietary History
  4. d specific diet, quantity, frequency, vitamins, changes, treats
  5. e History of Patient Illness

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  1. why is the patient here
  2. Skin problems or allergies
  3. Estimate Time of Arrival
  4. Problem-Oriented Medical Records
  5. Mucus Membrane

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  1. PCVPacked Cell Volume


  2. Medical records MUST be written in..?Duration, progress, how it happened


  3. QARBright Alert Responsive


  4. CCPacked Cell Volume


  5. CRTCapillary Refill Time


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