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  1. poetic foot
  2. Epithet
  3. sonnet
  4. Mood
  5. structure
  1. a the arrangement of materials within a work; the relationship of the parts of a work to the whole; the logical divisions of a work.
  2. b a group of syllables in verse usually consisting of one accented syllable and one or two unaccented syllables associated with it.
  3. c normally a fourteen-line iambic pentameter poem.
  4. d A nickname associated with a certain character. Dog is man's best friend. Calling the creature demon or wretch.
  5. e That atmosphere of a literary work with the intention of evoking a certain emotion from the audience. may be created by setting, voice, tone, and theme.

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  1. It's a very human personification. Giving things that shouldn't be human, human abilities. Examples: Spongebob eating hamburgers and talking.
  2. a poem which is intended primarily to teach a lesson.
  3. a system for describing the meter of a poem by identifying the number and the types of feet per line.
  4. a six-line stanza. commonly referred to as the second division of an Italian sonnet.
  5. A truth within a seemingly contradictory statement. Examples: War is Peace, Doublethink

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  1. paraphrasea restatement of an idea in such a way as to retain the meaning while changing the diction and form.


  2. Conflictan unusual or startling analogy pointing to a striking parallel between two seemingly dissimilar things. comparing his soul and his wife's to legs of a mathematical compass.


  3. ballad meterthe continuation of the sense and grammatical construction from one line of poetry to the next.
    "Or if Sion hill
    Delight thee more"


  4. narrative poema non-dramatic poem which tells a story or presents a narrative, whether simple or complex, long or short. (epics and ballads are a form of this)


  5. refraina group of words forming a phrase or sentence and consisting of one or more lines repeated at intervals in a poem, usually at the end of a stanza.


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