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  1. rhythm
  2. free verse
  3. parallelism
  4. structure
  5. quatrain
  1. a a similar grammatical structure within a line or lines of poetry. You need to work quickly and decisively. My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country
  2. b poetry which is not written in a traditional meter but is still rhythmical.
  3. c the arrangement of materials within a work; the relationship of the parts of a work to the whole; the logical divisions of a work.
  4. d a poem consisting of four lines of verse with a specific rhyming scheme.
  5. e the recurrence of stressed and unstressed syllables.

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  1. The struggle between opposing forces that provide the central action and interest in any literary plot.
  2. the repetition of a regular rhythmic unit in a line of poetry. each unit of ____ is known as a foot.
  3. The author uses literal meaning of a word to emphasize a specific or important fact.
  4. the use of words in a literary work. (colloquial is everyday usage in a group)
  5. A literary technique which imitates and ridicules another author or genre.

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  1. rhyme royalrhyme that appears correct from spelling, but is half-rhyme or slant rhyme from the pronunciation. (watch and match, love and move)


  2. caesuraa pause, usually near the middle of a line of verse, usually indicated by the sense of the line, and often greater than the normal pause.


  3. Deus ex machinaWhen authors throw in a random solution to the character's problem.


  4. denouementfalling action


  5. internal rhymerhyme that occurs within a line, rather than at the end.


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