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  1. Oxymoron
  2. tercet
  3. couplet
  4. narrative poem
  5. Anthropomorphism
  1. a a two-line stanza, usually with end-rhymes the same.
  2. b a stanza of three lines in which each line ends with the same rhyme.
  3. c Two words back to back that mean opposite things. Pretty Ugly, or wise fool
  4. d a non-dramatic poem which tells a story or presents a narrative, whether simple or complex, long or short. (epics and ballads are a form of this)
  5. e It's a very human personification. Giving things that shouldn't be human, human abilities. Examples: Spongebob eating hamburgers and talking.

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  1. a pause, usually near the middle of a line of verse, usually indicated by the sense of the line, and often greater than the normal pause.
  2. a six-line stanza. commonly referred to as the second division of an Italian sonnet.
  3. falling action
  4. something that is simultaneously itself and a sign of something else.
  5. The concluding action of a drama, especially a classical tragedy, following the climax and containing a resolution of the plot.

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  1. Digressionthe use of words in a literary work. (colloquial is everyday usage in a group)


  2. metonymya figure of speech which is characterized by the substitution of a term naming an object closely associated with the word in mind for the word itself. The kind is the "crown"


  3. Frame Storythe repetition of a regular rhythmic unit in a line of poetry. each unit of ____ is known as a foot.


  4. octavethe mode of expression in language of an author.


  5. Post ModernismA short, pithy and instructive statement of truth. Same thing as a Maxim.


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