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  1. perfection
  2. saturation
  3. texture
  4. unity
  5. 4 artistic qualities:artistic form
  1. a the purity, vividness, or intensity of a hue
  2. b the surface"feel" of a material, such as "smooth" bronze or "rough" concrete
  3. c refers to the "togetherness", in spite of contrasts, of details and regions in a while work of art
  4. d the organization of a medium that results
  5. e is the work tightly organized, does everything work together?

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  1. three of more notes played at the same time
  2. when 2 or more tones sounded simultaneously are pleasing to the ear
  3. in painting, pigment is bound by egg yolk
  4. the mixture of all colors, which prevents any color from showing
  5. 1.artists help us inderstand truth
    2. artists help us praise God
    3.artists help us reach the world with the Gospel of christ

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  1. watercolorfor painting, pigment bound by a synthetic plastic substance allowing


  2. insightthe contrast of details and regions


  3. abstract paintingthe purity, vividness, or intensity of a hue


  4. perceptionthinking that focuses on concepts or ideas. Simply put, its about what we know


  5. toneliterally means "tail", refers to a passage added to the end of a musical composition to produce a satisfactory close


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