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  1. variety
  2. balance
  3. perception
  4. regional relationships
  5. print
  1. a an image created from a master wooden block, stone, plate, or screen, usually on paper. many impressions can be made from the same surface
  2. b awareness of something stimulating our sense organs. simply put, its about what we observe
  3. c the contrast of details and regions
  4. d the equilibrium of opposing visual forces
  5. e significant relationships between regions

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  1. a sound that has definite frequency
  2. our thoughts dominate something and we sense our separation from that something
  3. a broad area of a structure ;in painting, a large section of the overall work of art
  4. a comprehensive expanation of the content of a work of art
  5. refers to the "togetherness", in spite of contrasts, of details and regions in a while work of art

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  1. themea sound that has definite frequency


  2. dissonancewhen 2 or more tones sounds simultaneously are unpleasing to the ear


  3. allegrofast


  4. ppianissimo=very soft


  5. structural relationshipssignificant relationships between or among details or regions to the totality


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