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  1. fugue
  2. line
  3. composition
  4. unity
  5. harmony
  1. a a theme developed by counterpoint
  2. b the organization of the elements in a work of art
  3. c the sounding of tone simultaneously
  4. d refers to the "togetherness", in spite of contrasts, of details and regions in a while work of art
  5. e a continuous marking made by a moving point on a surface

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  1. the creation of an illusion of distance in a two-dimensional work by means of converging lines
  2. the surface"feel" of a material, such as "smooth" bronze or "rough" concrete
  3. is the work tightly organized, does everything work together?
  4. in regard to color, the lightness or darkness of a hue;shading
  5. the description of the subject matter and form of a work of art

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  1. fffortissimo=very loud


  2. conceptionawareness of something stimulating our sense organs. simply put, its about what we observe


  3. regional relationshipssignificant relationships between regions


  4. perspectivein painting, the illusion of an object


  5. diagonal linessuggest tension and movement


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