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  1. print
  2. inexhastability
  3. andante
  4. descriptive criticism
  5. humanities
  1. a broad areas of human creativity and study essentially involved with values and generally not using strictly objective or scientific methods
  2. b an image created from a master wooden block, stone, plate, or screen, usually on paper. many impressions can be made from the same surface
  3. c does the work continue to hld the viewer's interest not matter how many times it is viewed(it resists monotony)
  4. d the description of the subject matter and form of a work of art
  5. e at a walking pace

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  1. a fragment of a melody
  2. a wall painting. wet fresco involves pigment applied to wet plaster. dry fresco involves pigment applied to dry wall. wet fresco generally is much more enduring than dry fresco
  3. slow
  4. the organization of a medium that results
  5. in painting, the illusion of an object

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  1. concepts in a work of artstructural relationships,detail relationships, and regional relationships


  2. watercolorfor painting, pigment bound by a synthetic plastic substance allowing


  3. evaluative criticismjudgement of the merits of a work of art. To make an evaluative criticism, a critic would ask if the work has the work of perfection, ineshaustability, and insight


  4. pigmentthe basic components of a medium(singular form of "media"). For example, one element in the medium of oil paints is pigment


  5. perfectiona continuum of changes in the details regions, such as the gradual variations in shape, color value, and shadowing in a painting


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