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  1. sciences
  2. perception
  3. vertical lines
  4. expressionism
  5. criticism
  1. a disciplines that for the most part use strictly objective standards
  2. b a school of art in which the work emphasizes the artists feelings or state of mind
  3. c suggest strength
  4. d awareness of something stimulating our sense organs. simply put, its about what we observe
  5. e the analysis and evaluation of works of art

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  1. the organization of the elements in a work of art
  2. suggests stability, rest
  3. does the work continue to hld the viewer's interest not matter how many times it is viewed(it resists monotony)
  4. is the work tightly organized, does everything work together?
  5. a large musical structure usually consisting of 3 or 4 movements and incorporating many of the other music forms

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  1. rhythmthe relationship of either time or space, between recurring elements of a compositions


  2. consonancewhen 2 or more tones sounded simultaneously are pleasing to the ear


  3. frescovery fast


  4. fffortissimo=very loud


  5. huean important or "main idea" melody that is modified throughout a composition


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