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  1. curved lines
  2. rondo
  3. line
  4. form-content
  5. artistic form
  1. a the embodiment of the meaning of a work of art with the form
  2. b a continuous marking made by a moving point on a surface
  3. c returns to an intial theme after the presentation of each new theme (A-B-A-C-A-D-A)
  4. d the organization of a medium that clarifies or reveals a subject matter
  5. e are softer and flowing

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  1. at a moderate pace
  2. the analysis and evaluation of works of art
  3. a theme developed by counterpoint
  4. a. art helps us attribute meaning to truth
    b.cuz of this, some would argue no one can truly comprehend truth without art
  5. significant relationships between or among details

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  1. representational paintingpainting that has the sensous as its subject matter


  2. detaila "free flight of fancy" rather than a conventional form such as sonata form


  3. participative experienceour thoughts are dominated by something through undivided and sustained attention and we become unaware of out separation from that something something


  4. prestoan image created from a master wooden block, stone, plate, or screen, usually on paper. many impressions can be made from the same surface


  5. allegrothe property of reflecting light of a prticular wavelength


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