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  1. mixed media
  2. avant-garde
  3. print
  4. rhythm
  5. conception
  1. a the relationship of either time or space, between recurring elements of a compositions
  2. b the combination of two or more artistic media in the same work. for example, a work of that combines acrylic paint and cut-out magazine pictures on a stretched canvas
  3. c an image created from a master wooden block, stone, plate, or screen, usually on paper. many impressions can be made from the same surface
  4. d innovators, the "advance guard"-those who break sharply with traditional conventions and styles
  5. e thinking that focuses on concepts or ideas. Simply put, its about what we know

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  1. what the work of art "is about";some value before artisitic clarification
  2. at a walking pace
  3. a continuous marking made by a moving point on a surface
  4. does the artistic form please, excite, AND make a difference in the life of the viewer
  5. are softer and flowing

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  1. varietythe contrast of details and regions


  2. pmezzo piano=medium soft


  3. symphonya large musical structure usually consisting of 3 or 4 movements and incorporating many of the other music forms


  4. ffpiano=soft


  5. diagonal linesdetermines basic visual direction-"invisible vectors of visual force"


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