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  1. pigment
  2. sonata form
  3. symphony
  4. regional relationships
  5. gradation
  1. a a large musical structure usually consisting of 3 or 4 movements and incorporating many of the other music forms
  2. b a continuum of changes in the details regions, such as the gradual variations in shape, color value, and shadowing in a painting
  3. c for painting, the coloring agent
  4. d significant relationships between regions
  5. e consisting of three major sections-exposition, development, and recapitulation, usually followed by a coda

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  1. does the artistic form please, excite, AND make a difference in the life of the viewer
  2. suggest movement, form shapes, shapes determine structural relationships, therefore lines are fundamental to a painting
  3. the relationship of either time or space, between recurring elements of a compositions
  4. fortissimo=very loud
  5. pianissimo=very soft

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  1. andanteat a walking pace


  2. white lightdoes the artistic form please, excite, AND make a difference in the life of the viewer


  3. varietyan image created from a master wooden block, stone, plate, or screen, usually on paper. many impressions can be made from the same surface


  4. what does a study of the arts deepen?our thoughts dominate something and we sense our separation from that something


  5. 3 reasons why the church needs christian artists1.artists help us inderstand truth
    2. artists help us praise God
    3.artists help us reach the world with the Gospel of christ


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