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  1. Convectional Precipitation
  2. Coastline/coast
  3. Evaporation
  4. climate
  5. Front
  1. a process in which water in a liquid or solid state passes into the vapor state. cools off
  2. b zone in which coastal processes operate or have a strong influence. This includes the shallow water zone as well as beaches, cliffs shaped by waves and coastal dunes.
  3. c when a body of warm moist air is forced to rise, this process can set off convection activity-- consists of strong updrafts taking place within a convection cell.
  4. d an air mass that has a sharply defined distinct boundary between itself and neighboring ir masses; surface contact between two unlike air masses
  5. e average weather over a given time

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  1. high sand dune of the parabolic dune class formed adjacent to a beach, usually with a deep deflation hollow or blowout enclosed within a deflation hollow
  2. when tides begin to fall, set in and water flow is seaward
  3. ratio expressed as a percent water vapor present in the air to the maximum quantity possible for saturated air at the same temperature
  4. the narrowing of the beach with the shoreline moving landward..sand is leaving a section of beach more rapidly than it is being brought in.
  5. process of change of water vapor to either a liquid or a solid state (ex: rain or hail)

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  1. Barrier Island Coastassociated with recently emerged (new land) coastal plain. Offshore slope is very gentle and an island of sand is usually thrown up by a wave action some distance off shore. Behind lays a lagoon.


  2. Adiabatic processchange of temperature within a gas because of compression or exmpansion, without gain or loss of heat form the outside. Therefore, expansion always results in cooling and compression results in warming


  3. Desert pavementa residual concentration of wind polished closely packed pebbles and other rock fragments, mantling a desert surface where wind has removed smaller particles and usually protecting the underlying material from further deflation


  4. What are the 2 types of cloudsStratiforms and Cumuliform


  5. Caloriea dense mass of suspended water or ice particles ranging in diameter from 20-50 microns (micron= one one-millionth of meter)


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