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  1. What are the 5 major climate groups?
  2. San dunes
  3. Reg
  4. Mudflat
  5. Trough of low pressure
  1. a lies between two large anticyclones (high pressure systems) one of cold dry polar air and the other of warm moist maritime air mass. Air is converging from opposite directions on both sides of the front.. with the formation of the occluded fronts
  2. b also a landscape of the Sahara Desert.. a stoney desert (desert pavement)
  3. c A- Tropical Rainy Climate, B- Dry Climate, C- Mild Humid Climate (subtropical), D- Snowy Forest (Temperate) Climate, and E- Polar Climate
  4. d barren expanses of silt and clay exposed at low tide but covered at high tide
  5. e any hill of loose sand shaped by the wind

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  1. formed by the erosion of volcanoes and lava flows.. partly constructed below the water level.
  2. loose particles lying on the ground surface may be lifted into the air or rolled or bounced along the ground by the wind
  3. strong turbulent winds blowing over desert surfaces lift great quantities of fine dust into the air, forming a dense high cloud
  4. (C) coldest month has an average temp under 64.4 deg F but above 26.6 deg F. At least one moneth has an average temp above 50 deg F. Has both summer and winter.
  5. heat absorbed and held in storage in a gas or liquid during the process of evaporation or melting, respectively.

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  1. Nimbostratusa "rain" cloud or a stratiform clouds


  2. Beachthich, wedge-shaped accumulation of sand, gravel or cobbles in a zone of breaking waves


  3. Coral Reef coastdown faulting of a coastal margin of a continent can allow the shoreline to come to rest against a fault scarp


  4. What are the environmental effects of acid rain/deposition on natural systems?Wave cyclone, Tropical cyclone, and Tornado


  5. Advection fogresults from the movement of warm moist air over a cold or snow-covered ground surface... as it loses heat to the ground, the air layer undergoes a drop of temperature below the dew point and condensation sets in.


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