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  1. Radiation fog
  2. Fringing reefs
  3. Smog
  4. Backwash
  5. Snowy Forest (Temperate) Climate-
  1. a built as platforms attached to shore. They are widest in front of headlands where wave attach is strongest and the corals recieve clean water with abundant food supply
  2. b when particles and chemical pollutants are present in considerable density over an urban area
  3. c formed at night when temperature of the stagnant basal air falls below the dew point. Associated with a low-level temperature inversion (colder air closer to ground, wamer air above).
  4. d (D) coldest month has an average temperaute < 26.6 deg. f. Average temp of the warmest month >50 deg F
  5. e a return flow that pours down the beach after the force of a swash is spent on the beach. San and gravel is swept seaward and can be felt as a strong seaward current.

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  1. several types; coastal blowout dunes, parabolic dunes on semiarid plains and parabolic dunes drawn out into hairpins. The horns of the dunes point upwind and there is no slip face, so no migration of the dunes
  2. a residual concentration of wind polished closely packed pebbles and other rock fragments, mantling a desert surface where wind has removed smaller particles and usually protecting the underlying material from further deflation
  3. "willie willie" "typhoon" mild to intense storm, common in the subtropics and tropics. Have a depression or easterly wave (thunderstorm) to a hurricane
  4. when waves reach shallow water, the drag on bottom slows and steepens the wave until it leaps forward and collapse
  5. associated with recently emerged (new land) coastal plain. Offshore slope is very gentle and an island of sand is usually thrown up by a wave action some distance off shore. Behind lays a lagoon.

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  1. Advection fogresults from the movement of warm moist air over a cold or snow-covered ground surface... as it loses heat to the ground, the air layer undergoes a drop of temperature below the dew point and condensation sets in.


  2. Emergenceexposed of submarine landforms by a falling sea level or a rising of the crust


  3. Marine terracethe waves from erosion form a steep bank, the waves then retrear steadily under the erosion of the storm waves


  4. Marine Scarpa deeply embayed coast resulting from submergence of a landmass dissected by stream. This coast has many offshore islands.


  5. Latent heat(fields of transverse dunes) which require enormous amounts of sand


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