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  1. Cumuliform clouds
  2. Thunderstorms
  3. Barrier reefs
  4. pocket beach
  5. Cumulonimbus
  1. a a crescent shaped beach caused by where the coastline consists of prominent headlands projecting seaward and with deep bays the erosional energy of the waves is concentrated on the headlands and wave cut cliffs develop.
  2. b lie out from shore and are seperated from the mainland by a lagoon. Narrow gaps occure at intervals in the barrier reefs allowing circulation of the lagoon water with the sea.
  3. c or globular clouds; globular masses representing bubble-like bodies of warmer air spontaneously rising because they are less dense than the surrounding air-- also called cumulus
  4. d a cumuliform cloud that develop tall stalk-like shapes and penetrates high into the troposphere (thunderstorm clouds)
  5. e an intense, local convection storm associated with cumulonimbus cloud and yielding heavy ppt, along with lightning, thunder and someimtes the fall of hail or snow

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  1. a belt of dry climate, exists on the lee side of many mountain ranges. Several of the great deserts of the world are of this type.
  2. at any given temperature, the total quantity of water vapor that can by "held" by the air has a definite limit
  3. A- Tropical Rainy Climate, B- Dry Climate, C- Mild Humid Climate (subtropical), D- Snowy Forest (Temperate) Climate, and E- Polar Climate
  4. when tide begins to rise, a landward flow starts
  5. tundra; associated with E climate

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  1. Atollsis a sediment deposit built by a stream entering a body of standing water and formed by the stream load


  2. San dunesare more or less circular coral reefs enclosing a lagoon but without any land inside (just lagoon). Most are built on a foundation of volcanic rock- volcanoes rising from ocean floor.


  3. Longshore driftWhen wave and wind conditions are favorable, this longshore current is capable of moving sand along the sea bottom in a direction parallel to shore


  4. Ergsimply a cloud layer in contact with the land or sea surface or lying very close to the surface


  5. Tidal currents"willie willie" "typhoon" mild to intense storm, common in the subtropics and tropics. Have a depression or easterly wave (thunderstorm) to a hurricane


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