Roles of President- Civics

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The Two Term Precedent

-FDR was the only president to win more than two terms.
-He led the US through the Depression and WW II.
-George Washington set the precedent for the limit of two terms until the 22nd Amendment made law in 1951

Chief of State

-Acts as example for and symbol of the United States
-Represents America at special occasions and ceremonies.
-Awarding medals and speech making are examples of this role.

Chief Executive

-Acts as boss of federal government workers in 14 executive departments.These departments help the President carry out, enforce, or execute the law.
-The president chooses cabinet members to advise and assist him.
-Example: Holding cabinet meetings and appointing federal officials.

Chief Diplomat

-Conducts foreign policy by directing the actions of American ambassadors.
-Signs treaties and trade agreements with leaders of other nations.

Chief Administrator

-Director of the Federal government
-Employs more than 2.7 million civilians
-Spends more than $2 TRILLION a year


In charge of US Armed Forces.
-President decides where armed forces are to be stationed, weapons to be used.
-Secretary of Defense under President.
-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is the top military commander under President

Chief Legislator

-Congress has the power to make laws.
-President can propose bills and sign bills into law.
-He often calls members of Congress to lobby for his agenda.
-Presents his agenda to Congress in the annual State of the Union address.

Chief of the Party

-Presidents help members of their party get elected or appointed to office.
-They make campaign speeches needed for re-election.
-Head of fund-raising for the party.

Chief Citizen

Represents ALL of the people
- Expected to work for the good of the public
- Should lead by example-moral leadership

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