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  1. How many neurons are in the human brain?
  2. What is the synapse?
  3. Each main axon or its collaterals, terminates by branching into several terminal filaments called _______
  4. The _____ is porportional to the diameter of the fiber.
  5. What is neuroaxonal?
  1. a neuron to axon of a second neuron
  2. b teledendria
  3. c site of contact with one neuron with another
  4. d 100 billion
  5. e internode

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  1. glioma, glioblastoma, astrocytoma
  2. internodes
  3. Tumors
  4. negative in resting cell
  5. any factor that suddenly increase the permeability of the membrane to sodium ions

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  1. Action potential and associated events happen very _____negative in resting cell


  2. What kind of neurons are the cells in the dorsal/sensory roots of the spinal cord?unipolar or pseudopolar


  3. What follows the absolute refractory period?membrane potential


  4. What determines if a neuron will have an excitatory or inhibitory effect on the neuron with which it synapses?2 - 100 meters/sec.


  5. Which neuron is found in the brain?Oligodendroglia


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