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  1. What is glioblastoma?
  2. What occurs immediately after action potential is triggered?
  3. What constitutes the transmissive segment of the neuron?
  4. What are neurotransmitters?
  5. What are bipolar neurons?
  1. a boutons
  2. b most frequent type of tumor in adults
  3. c have 2 processes extending from each pole of the body
  4. d refractory period
  5. e chemical messengers that transmit signals between neurons and between neurons and muscle

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  1. sensorimotor activities and higher mental functions (e.g., memory, thought, language, reasoning and calculation.)
  2. greater than 2 micrometers in diameter
  3. larger ratio
    i.e. calf muscle 1:1900
  4. multipolar
  5. dendrites

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  1. Which neuron is found in the brain?Schwann cells


  2. A weak stimulus evokes a _____ potentialstronger
    large voltage change


  3. What is the membrane potential in muscle fibers?around m-90mV


  4. What makes up half of the CNS volume?Schwann cells


  5. Why are astroglia believed to play a role in transport of substances between capillaries and neurons and in the blood brain barrier?Because they have end-feet that contact capillaries


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