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  1. What is the membrane potential in muscle fibers?
  2. When the the neuron is hyperpolarized, what is happening to the membrane potential?
  3. What is composed of glial cells that line the ventricles and choroid plexus?
  4. Which neuron is found in the brain?
  5. Why are astroglia believed to play a role in transport of substances between capillaries and neurons and in the blood brain barrier?
  1. a around m-90mV
  2. b multipolar
  3. c it becomes more negative from -70 to -90
  4. d ependyma
  5. e Because they have end-feet that contact capillaries

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  1. boutons
  2. axon
  3. Neuron fluid inside is more negative than fluid outside a neuron.
  4. 2 years of age
  5. in choroid plexus and other structures related to the ventricles

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  1. What is the measure across 2 points?membrane potential


  2. NA+ leakage lasts for less than a _____ of a secondthousandth


  3. What is the synaptic cleft?synapse


  4. What is neurosomatic?cell body


  5. Each main axon or its collaterals, terminates by branching into several terminal filaments called _______teledendria


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