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  1. Why are astroglia believed to play a role in transport of substances between capillaries and neurons and in the blood brain barrier?
  2. A _____ stimulus evokes a large (er) potential
  3. What is neurosomatic?
  4. What are Oligodendroglia?
  5. When are pathways in the CNS fully myelinated?
  1. a neuron to cell body (soma) or dendrite of a neuron
  2. b stronger
    large voltage change
  3. c Equivalent to Schwann Cell in the PNS
    lay down the myelin sheath in the CNS
  4. d 2 years of age
  5. e Because they have end-feet that contact capillaries

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  1. thousandth
  2. It depolarizes
  3. Neurotransmitters
  4. 100 billion
  5. potassium in

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  1. What kind of neurons are the cells in the dorsal/sensory roots of the spinal cord?astroglia


  2. Together with the ___ ___, dendrites constitute the ______ segment of the neuronTogether with the cell body, dendrites constitute the receptive segment of the neuron.


  3. The _____ is porportional to the diameter of the fiber.internode


  4. Where are neurotransmitter contained?chemical messengers that transmit signals between neurons and between neurons and muscle


  5. The more precise (fine) a movement, the ____ the ratioThe more precise a movement, the smaller the ratio.
    i.e. tongue muscle 1:5


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