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  1. When is the cell membrane polarized?
  2. What is the nerve to muscle ratio?
  3. What is saltatory conduction?
  4. What is neuroaxonal?
  5. What does a bouton contain?
  1. a neuron to axon of a second neuron
  2. b describes how many muscle fibers are innervated by a single motor neuron
  3. c presynaptic vessicles with neurotransmitter
  4. d takes place in myelinated axons. the Action potential jumps from node to node
  5. e at -70mV, in its resting state

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  1. in synaptic vessicles of the bouton
  2. refractory
  3. dendrites
  4. refractory period
  5. 2 - 100 meters/sec.

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  1. Generator potentials code info by response amplitude that is by _____ of the stimulus.The more precise a movement, the smaller the ratio.
    i.e. tongue muscle 1:5


  2. What happens when the action potential permeates?voltage across 2 points of the cell membrane


  3. What is their a high concentration of OUTSIDE the cell?soma


  4. What cells look like Halloween ghosts?microglia


  5. Generator potential relies on _________ of arriving stimuli, which is a local graded response.summation


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