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  1. What are alpha motor neurons and all the muscle fibers it innervates?
  2. What is there a high concentration of INSIDE the cell?
  3. What are neuroglia cells?
  4. What is an example of a bipolar neuron?
  5. What are neurotransmitters?
  1. a chemical messengers that transmit signals between neurons and between neurons and muscle
  2. b rods and cones of eye, visual receptor cells
  3. c supporting and insulating cells. also interstitial cells
  4. d motor units
  5. e potassium ions (K+) and anions

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  1. ependyma
  2. negative in resting cell
  3. Generator potentials need to sum
  4. multipolar neurons
  5. synapse

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  1. Axon length can vary from ___ ____ (in the brain) to as long as __ ______ (in the spinal cord)Axon length can vary from a few micrometers (in the brain) to as long as 2 meters (in the spinal cord)


  2. What is the all-or-none principle?axon


  3. What are the 3 types of glia in the CNS?Multipolar


  4. What are two stimuli that can elicit an action potential?physical stimulus - sensory nerve ending such as pressure on skin
    chemical stimulus - neurotransmitter


  5. What has sheet like processes that extend out among neurons?soma


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