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  1. What is the all-or-none principle?
  2. The membrane potential is always ____
  3. A weak stimulus evokes a _____ potential
  4. What are Oligodendroglia?
  5. What is neurolemma known as?
  1. a negative in resting cell
  2. b small
    small voltage change
  3. c Equivalent to Schwann Cell in the PNS
    lay down the myelin sheath in the CNS
  4. d Schwann cells
  5. e adequate stimulus causes the entire fiber to fire

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  1. presynaptic vessicles with neurotransmitter
  2. The more precise a movement, the smaller the ratio.
    i.e. tongue muscle 1:5
  3. Multipolar
  4. greater than 2 micrometers in diameter
  5. anions (large quantities of (-) charged protein molecules that cannot leak out)
    which is why the inside of the cell is negative relative to the outside

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  1. Together with the ___ ___, dendrites constitute the ______ segment of the neuroninternodes


  2. The thicker the fiber, the longer the _____internodes


  3. In bipolar neurons, what is the axon?central process


  4. When does myelination begin?prenatal


  5. What forms myelin in the CNS?Oligodendroglia


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