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  1. What determines if a neuron will have an excitatory or inhibitory effect on the neuron with which it synapses?
  2. By providing insulation, glial cells prevent _____
  3. Action potential and associated events happen very _____
  4. What conveys coded info from the dendrite cell body unit to synaptic junctions?
  5. What is composed of glial cells that line the ventricles and choroid plexus?
  1. a abberant spread of signals
  2. b neurotransmitter
  3. c ependyma
  4. d fast
  5. e conductile segment

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  1. boutons
  2. Glial cells far outnumber neurons by 5-50 times.
  3. -70mV
  4. depolarization (where the normal negatively polarized state no longer exists)
  5. spatial summation

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  1. Where are neurons not encapsulated/insulated from each other?in choroid plexus and other structures related to the ventricles


  2. What does an action potential do to the cell membrane?any factor that suddenly increase the permeability of the membrane to sodium ions


  3. How is electrical potential measured?voltage across 2 points of the cell membrane


  4. When does myelination begin?prenatal


  5. What is another name for pre-synaptic terminal?axon terminal


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