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  1. What is there a high concentration of INSIDE the cell?
  2. What constitutes the transmissive segment of the neuron?
  3. Neuron fluid inside is more _____ than fluid ____ a neuron
  4. How many micrometers is a myelinated neuron?
  5. What are neuroglia cells?
  1. a Neuron fluid inside is more negative than fluid outside a neuron.
  2. b boutons
  3. c potassium ions (K+) and anions
  4. d supporting and insulating cells. also interstitial cells
  5. e greater than 2 micrometers in diameter

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  1. teledendria
  2. glioma, glioblastoma, astrocytoma
  3. neurotransmitter
  4. in choroid plexus and other structures related to the ventricles
  5. presynaptic vessicles with neurotransmitter

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  1. During the absolute refractory period, ___ ____ cannot be generatedThe more precise a movement, the smaller the ratio.
    i.e. tongue muscle 1:5


  2. What is continuously leaking out of cell?neuron to cell body (soma) or dendrite of a neuron


  3. A weak stimulus evokes a _____ potentialmembrane potential


  4. What happens when the action potential permeates?positively charged sodium ions leak into the cell in great numbers and membrane becomes more positive/less negative by at least 30 mV


  5. What is the cell membrane of the other cell body, dendrite, axon, or muscle fiber?around m-90mV


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