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  1. do,does,did,has,have,had,may,might,must,should,would,could,shall,will,can,in,am,are,was,were,be,being,been
  2. more than one subject in a sentence
  3. TO + a verb (usually in parentheses
  4. about,above,across,after,against,along,amid,among,at,atop,around,before,behind,between,beyond,beneath,beside,but,by,concerning,during,down,except,for,from,inside,into,like,near,of,off,on,onto,out,outside,over,past,regarding,since,through,throughout,toward,under,underneath,until,up,upon,with,within,without
  5. a prepositional phrase ending with two or more objects

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  1. compound verbmore than one


  2. adverba preposition that dosen't have an object


  3. object of the prepositiona prepositional phrase ending with two or more objects


  4. imperative sentenceTO + a verb (usually in parentheses


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