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  1. primary succession
  2. chemical cycling
  3. ecological succesion
  4. biogeochemical
  5. detritus
  1. a when no ecological succession begins in a virtually lifeless area with no soil
  2. b when a disturbed area is gradually replaced by a succession of other species
  3. c the transfer of materials within the ecosystem
  4. d ecosystems involving biotic and abiotic
  5. e dead animal matter produced at all trophic levels

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  1. the passage of energy through the components of the ecosystem
  2. a network of interconnecting food chains
  3. get energy from detritus
  4. small mammals (mouse)
  5. chemical nutrients is stockpiled

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  1. tertiary consumersherbivores which eat plants (insects birds)


  2. decompostitonall the organisims in a community as well as the abiotic


  3. ecosystema network of interconnecting food chains


  4. primary consumersherbivores which eat plants (insects birds)


  5. primary productionthe amount of solar energy converted to chemical energy by producers for a given area in a given time period


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