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  1. food chain
  2. secondary succession
  3. detritus
  4. tertiary consumers
  5. primary consumers
  1. a the sequence of food transfer up the trophic levels
  2. b herbivores which eat plants (insects birds)
  3. c where a disturbance destroys an existing community but left the soil intact
  4. d dead animal matter produced at all trophic levels
  5. e animals that eat secondary consumers (snakes)

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  1. when a disturbed area is gradually replaced by a succession of other species
  2. a network of interconnecting food chains
  3. get energy from detritus
  4. the passage of energy through the components of the ecosystem
  5. ecosystems involving biotic and abiotic

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  1. primary productionwhen no ecological succession begins in a virtually lifeless area with no soil


  2. disturbancesevents such as fire, floods, droughts, overgrazing, or human activity that damage biological communities, remove organisms, and alter the availability of resourses


  3. abiotic resevoirecosystems involving biotic and abiotic


  4. producersbottom of the foodchain (autotrophs)


  5. decompostitonthe breakdown of organic materials to inorganic ones


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