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  1. 457 plans
  2. Utilization review
  3. Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  4. Employee Commuting Flexibility Act
  5. Excess group-term life insurance
  1. a Tax credit to encourage employers to hire people from targeted groups
  2. b Audit of health-care use and charges to identify which benefits are used and to make certain that care is necessary and costs are in line
  3. c Amount of employer-provided group-term life insurance over $50,000
  4. d Plans that allow employees of states, political subdivisions or agencies of states, and certain tax-exempt organizations to defer receipt of wages
  5. e Amendment to the Portal-to-Portal Act; clarifies that commuting time is not paid working time

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  1. Consist of hospital and physician practices that merge into vertically integrated structures
  2. Stated amount out of pocket the insured can pay for medical costs in a 12-month period before copayments end
  3. Act that regulates employee status, overtime pay, child labor, minimum wage, record keeping, and other administrative concerns
  4. Act that made significant changes in employee benefit programs, especially retirement plans
  5. Health-care plan in which the employer pays a third-party insurance carrier premiums that cover medical charges, administrative costs, sales commissions, taxes, and profits

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  1. Top hat planNonqualified deferred compensation plan that provides retirement benefits to select group of management or highly compensated employees


  2. Merit payRefers to supplemental pay paid to employees who work less-desirable hours, such as second or third shifts


  3. DeductibleInitial amount of covered medical expenses an individual must pay before receiving paid benefits under a health-care plan


  4. Indirect compensationForm of compensation commonly referred to as benefits


  5. Premium-only plan (POP)Type of Section 125 plan that allows employees to pay for certain qualified benefits with pretax dollars


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