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  1. Shift pay
  2. Medicare
  3. Compa-ratio
  4. Money purchase plan
  5. Health insurance purchasing cooperative (HIPC)
  1. a Pay level divided by the midpoint of the pay range
  2. b Plans in which employers make mandatory payments (a fixed percentage of an eligible employee's compensation) to a retirement plan
  3. c Refers to supplemental pay paid to employees who work less-desirable hours, such as second or third shifts
  4. d Purchases health-care plans for large groups of employers to provide small businesses the economic advantages large companies have
  5. e Social Security Administration program that provides medical care for people after age 65

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  1. Act that provides individuals and dependents who may lose medical coverage with opportunity to pay to continue coverage
  2. Set up by ERISA to insure payment of benefits in the event that a private-sector defined benefit pension plan terminates with insufficient funds to pay the benefits
  3. State insurance program designed to protect workers in cases of work-related injuries or diseases
  4. Method similar to job evaluation systems that evaluates jobs based upon their market value
  5. Workers who are not covered by Fair Labor Standards Act regulations as determined by the IRS

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  1. SalaryAmount advanced on future commissions


  2. Travel payPay that employees receive when they are on call but not actually working


  3. Portal-to-Portal ActAct that defines what is included as hours worked and is therefore compensable and a factor in calculating overtime


  4. Managed careGeneral term for a medical plan that seeks to ensure that the treatments a person receives are medically necessary and provided in a cost-effective manner


  5. Unweighted averageAverage of data that takes other factors such as the number of incumbents into account


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