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  1. _____ must be labeled including (3)
  2. examples of CCPs to eliminate risk
  3. foods the USDA regulates:
  4. chemical preservatives
  5. objectives of meat inspection
  1. a 1. protect human health
    2. surveillance for animal problems
    3. consumer confidence
    4. improved access to int'l export market
  2. b everything! carcasses, parts of carcasses, containers of meat
  3. c must be ID'd
    1. polyphosphates: maintain H2O holding
    2. nitrates/nitrites: preserves red color
  4. d cooking, refrigeration, packaging, metal detection
  5. e meat & poultry
    products containing meat or poultry
    safety of egg PRODUCTS and IMPORTED shell eggs
    optional grading program for meat/eggs

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  1. shield
  2. voluntary; now mandatory for meats and seafood (but optional for other foods)
  3. USDA
  4. biological (pathogens, spoilage), chemical (toxins), physical (glass, metal), radiologic
  5. the plant is shut down.

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  1. peperoni pizza vs. cheese pizzaFSIS[food safety and inspection service] and APHIS[animal and plant health inspection services]


  2. elements of meat inspection1. ensure animals are disease free
    2. clearly label food that passed inspection
    3. minimize contamination during prcessing
    4. monitor for drug residues and pathogens


  3. 2 subgroups of the USDA1. ANALYZE hazards
    2. ID critical control pt.s
    3. estab PREVENTATIVE MEASURES w/ critical limits
    4. make procedures to MONITOR the control pt.s
    5. CORRECTIVE ACTION must be taken
    6. VERIFY the system is working


  4. FDA oversees...all other foods[US shell egg safety, milk pasteurization,etc.]


  5. largest single US employerstamps/paper labels/tags
    meat: inspected and passed
    poultry: inspected for wholesomeness
    inspected and condemned


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