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  1. states have ____ stamps
  2. elements of meat inspection
  3. foreign food processors
  4. largest single US employer
  5. examples of poss. hazards to meat
  1. a FSIS - food safety and inspection service vets
  2. b can NOT be visited by the FDA
  3. c all different, for intrastate sale
  4. d 1. ensure animals are disease free
    2. clearly label food that passed inspection
    3. minimize contamination during prcessing
    4. monitor for drug residues and pathogens
  5. e biological (pathogens, spoilage), chemical (toxins), physical (glass, metal), radiologic

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  1. 1. protect human health
    2. surveillance for animal problems
    3. consumer confidence
    4. improved access to int'l export market
  2. measured (time, temp, microbial counts) and set upper/dangerous limits
  3. all other foods[US shell egg safety, milk pasteurization,etc.]
  4. all foods not specifically handled by other agencies
  5. USDA vs. FDA

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  1. _____, _____ monitoring is necessaryregular, planned


  2. _____ must be labeled including (3)everything! carcasses, parts of carcasses, containers of meat


  3. markings (3)stamps/paper labels/tags
    meat: inspected and passed
    poultry: inspected for wholesomeness
    inspected and condemned


  4. FDA can only recall _____all other foods[US shell egg safety, milk pasteurization,etc.]


  5. USDA inspection labels are ___ for meat/poultrythe plant is shut down.


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