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  1. largest single US employer
  2. chemical preservatives
  3. foreign food processors
  4. HACCP systems
  5. objectives of meat inspection
  1. a hazard analysis and critical control point: to prevent contamination during processing
  2. b can NOT be visited by the FDA
  3. c FSIS - food safety and inspection service vets
  4. d 1. protect human health
    2. surveillance for animal problems
    3. consumer confidence
    4. improved access to int'l export market
  5. e must be ID'd
    1. polyphosphates: maintain H2O holding
    2. nitrates/nitrites: preserves red color

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  1. regular, planned
  2. 1. ensure animals are disease free
    2. clearly label food that passed inspection
    3. minimize contamination during prcessing
    4. monitor for drug residues and pathogens
  3. all foods not specifically handled by other agencies
  4. USDA vs. FDA
  5. 1. cultivation for pathogenic microbes
    2. test for Ab residue
    3. test for pesticides
    4. confirm identity of meats in "mixed products"

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  1. examples of CCPs to eliminate riskbiological (pathogens, spoilage), chemical (toxins), physical (glass, metal), radiologic


  2. if a USDA inspector leaves the floor thencircular


  3. 7 step program of HACCPFSIS[food safety and inspection service] and APHIS[animal and plant health inspection services]


  4. Humane Methods of Livestock SLaughter Actcooking, refrigeration, packaging, metal detection


  5. 2 subgroups of the USDA1. ANALYZE hazards
    2. ID critical control pt.s
    3. estab PREVENTATIVE MEASURES w/ critical limits
    4. make procedures to MONITOR the control pt.s
    5. CORRECTIVE ACTION must be taken
    6. VERIFY the system is working


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