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  1. Graphite (description of structure)
  2. unit cell
  3. Kr
  4. Silica (description of structure)
  5. NH₃ (type)
  1. a The smallest building block of a crystal, consisting of atoms, ions, or molecules, whose geometric arrangement defines a crystal's characteristic symmetry and whose repetition in space produces a crystal lattice.
  2. b group 18 solid (aka atomic solid)
  3. c layered, planar; can be described as a 2-dimensional lattice because covalent bonds occur only within sheets (planes) called graphenes; in each layer C atoms are arranged in a honeycomb-like lattice
  4. d molecular solid
  5. e has more polymorphs than almost any other structure

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  1. metallic solid
  2. molecular solid
  3. different forms of crystal structure for the same solid material
  4. metallic solid

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  1. Si (type)metallic solid


  2. 3 forms of C (carbon)graphite (2-D network solid)
    diamond (3-D network solid)
    coke (highly carbonaceous amorphic solid)


  3. NaCl (structure)


  4. Fe (type)Network solid (3-D)


  5. Si (structure)
    tetrahedral network


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