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  1. SiO₂ (type)
  2. CO₂
  3. Si (type)
  4. Si (unit cell)
  5. Silica (description of structure)
  1. a Network Solid (3-D)
  2. b has more polymorphs than almost any other structure
  3. c molecular solid
  4. d
  5. e Network solid (3-D)

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  1. metallic solid
  2. amorphous solid
  3. ionic solid
  4. 2-D network solid

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  1. Graphite (structure)
    Graphenes (layers) are weakly held together by LDFs. As far as LDFs go they are strong because graphene layers are flat and large.


  2. Graphite (description of structure)layered, planar; can be described as a 2-dimensional lattice because covalent bonds occur only within sheets (planes) called graphenes; in each layer C atoms are arranged in a honeycomb-like lattice


  3. latticeThe smallest building block of a crystal, consisting of atoms, ions, or molecules, whose geometric arrangement defines a crystal's characteristic symmetry and whose repetition in space produces a crystal lattice.


  4. Krmolecular solid


  5. α-quartz
    Formed from α-quartz at 846K.


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