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  1. allotropes
  2. β-quartz
  3. lattice
  4. SiO₂(name)
  5. polymorphs
  1. a a regular, repeating array of atoms or ions
  2. b
    Formed from α-quartz at 846K.
  3. c Silicon dioxide, (aka) silica, (most commonly found in nature as) quartz
  4. d different structural modifications of an element; bonding is different
  5. e different forms of crystal structure for the same solid material

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  1. The smallest building block of a crystal, consisting of atoms, ions, or molecules, whose geometric arrangement defines a crystal's characteristic symmetry and whose repetition in space produces a crystal lattice.

  2. The most common form of silica (SiO₂) in nature.
  3. graphite; diamond
  4. 2-D network solid
  5. has more polymorphs than almost any other structure

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  1. SiO₂ (type)molecular solid


  2. SiC (type)metallic solid


  3. NaCl (structure)


  4. Diamond (type)Network solid (3-D)


  5. NaCl (type)ionic solid


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