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  1. CPT, Category I
  2. Modifier 22, Unusual procedural services
  3. HCPCS
  4. Modifyer -59
  5. When can you bill "Incident to"?
  1. a When the service provided is > that usually required for the listed procedure (E/M - 21)

    A provider excises a lesion from the crease of the neck of a very obese person. The obesity makes the excision more difficult. The provider indicates the complexity of the removal by adding 22 modifier to code. It may be helpful to include copy of operative report.
    Indicates that codes that usually are bundled together as a part of a global code are in this particular circumstance describing DISTINCT or SEPARATE precedures
  3. c • When a physician has previously diagnosed and has established care and a management plan for the Medicare patient, and the NPP is providing the follow up care.

    • When any physician is on the premises and available if the NPP needs assistance.

    • In any clinic not associated with hospitals.
  4. d Pronounced "hick picks"
    Health Care Financing Administration's Common Procedural Coding System

    HCFA (Health Care Financing Administration) Now CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) was/is the governing agency of Medicare and Medicaid

    Three levels:
    CPT (Common Procedural Terminology)
    National Codes or alpha-numeric codes
    Local codes (phased out in 2003)
  5. e Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services
    Describe services provided to evaluate patients and manage their care
    These codes are widely used and cover a large portion of the medical care provided to patients

    Codes are specific to setting (office, hospital, ER, home) and whether it is a new or established pt.
    Codes are based on what was done (and documented) in three areas:
    Physical examination
    Medical decision making

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  1. when repair involves layer closure of 1 or more of the subcutaneous tissues and superficial facia
  2. a bribe or financial incentive
  3. Left to the anesthesiologists
    Moderate (conscious) sedation (actually a medicine code-not part of the anesthesia codes) 99143-99145
    Codes of interest to emergency medicine bundling:
  4. Problem focused= 1-5 elements

    Expanded problem focused= >6

    Detailed= >12

    Comprehensive= 18+ or 2 bullets in 9 systems
  5. "A consultation is a type of service provided by a physician whose opinion or advice regarding evaluation and/or management of a specific problem is requested by another physician or other appropriate source."

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  1. What is coding?Inflating the seriousness of the patient's condition or the level of E/M needed to help the patient to obtain a higher reimbursement the one is entitled


    CPT codes account for the majority of the HCPCS coding system
    Maintained/Updated by the AMA
    Codes for >7,000 procedures and services
    5-digit code 00100-99199
    Followed by a verbal description
    Three Categories:
    I= Evaluation & Management
    II= Performance Measurement
    III= New/emerging technology


  3. Up CodingInflating the seriousness of the patient's condition or the level of E/M needed to help the patient to obtain a higher reimbursement the one is entitled


  4. Suturing coding tipsThe application of a number of systems used to uniformly document and track health care services delivered.

    Used for:
    Billing & reimbursement
    practice profiling
    Quality measurement


  5. Coding Rules*Code to the highest level of certainty at that visit.

    *Only code the reason for the encounter, and those conditions that affect the care delivered

    *Use the most specific code available (4th=complications of the disease; 5th=clarifies condition)

    *Do not use "rule out" or "suspected" diagnosis (codes as a pre-existing condition to insurance co)
    Instead use a code from the "symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions" chapter.

    *Make sure the ICD-9 code supports the CPT code.


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