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  1. interneurons
  2. efferent
  3. occipital
  4. neurotransmitter
  5. myelin
  1. a division of brain for vision
  2. b go from the brain or spinal cord to a muscle or gland (motor)
  3. c lie in the brain or spinal cord (association nerve)
  4. d chemical released from an axon that starts or stops a nerve impulse
  5. e lipid-protein substance (white in color)

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  1. division of brain for any sensations
  2. division of brain for hearing and smell
  3. outer most layer of meninges
  4. efferent nerve; under conscious control
  5. liquid found in ventricles of brain, between arachnoid and pia mater

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  1. Axonconducts nerve impulses away from cell body


  2. polarizationresulting from unequal distribution of ions


  3. Pia materinner layer of meninges


  4. Peripheral (PNS)nervous system containing all nerves coming off of the spinal cord


  5. Autonomicmiddle layer of meninges; contains cerebrospinal fluid


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