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  1. nonimportation agreement
  2. Patrick Henry
  3. colonies and territory
  4. Samuel Adams
  5. Townshend
  1. a ____________ persuaded the Virginia assembly to pass a resolution declaring it had the exclusive right ot tax citizens.
  2. b __________ help start an organization called the Sons of Liberty to protest the Stamp Act.
  3. c After the French and Indian War, the British faced the cahllenge of protectin their interests in the _______ and new _________ they now controlled.
  4. d In 1767 Parliament passed a set of laws, known as the ________ Acts, which taxed imported goods.
  5. e What did thousands of merchansts sign during the boycott?

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  1. With the Proclamation of 1763, the British government set up new _________ and prohibited colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains
  2. Protesters burned ______ presenting tax collectors and destroyed houses belonging to royal officials
  3. In 1765 Parliament passed the ________ Act, which placed a tax on almost all printed material. The colonist opposed this new law.
  4. The colonists belved thes British actions ________ their rights as English citizens.
  5. What was the purpose of the Sugar Act?

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  1. BritishIn colonial cities, people were urged to boycott ________ and European good in protest, and thousands of merchants signed nonimportation agreements.


  2. SugarParliament also passed the _________ Act, which lowered the tax on imported molasses but also let officers seize goods from smugglers without going to court.


  3. troop expensesBritain needed new revenue to pay ___________, so they issued new taxes on the colonies an began to enforce existing taxes more striclty.


  4. ParlaimentThe colonists belved thes British actions ________ their rights as English citizens.


  5. tax lawsParliament eventually repealed the ______ Act but then passed the Declaratory Act, which stated that Parliament had the right to tax and make decisions for the British colonies in all cases.


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