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  1. corn beans and squash they were some of the gods of the native Americans
  2. a group of several families descended from a common ancestor and sharing a family name
  3. The development of skills in a particular kind of work, such as trading or record keeping.
  4. A term which designates a confederacy of 5 tribes originally inhabiting the northern part of New York state, consisting of the SENECA, CAYUGA, ONEIDA, ONONDAGA and MOHAWK
  5. a ranking of people into higher or lower positions of power

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  1. IncasA Native American people who built a notable civilization in western South America in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The center of their empire was in present-day Peru. Francisco Pizarro of Spain conquered the empire.


  2. Maizegroup from the north that invaded central Mexico; were first wandering warriors; built their capital city at Tenochtitlan; increased their power until they dominated central Mexico; built causeways, pyramids, marketplaces, and palaces; adopted many customs from other cultures; used chinamapas for farming; militaristic society; known for human sacrifice and dedication to the sun god; ended when conquered by Spanish explorers in the 1500s


  3. polytheismThe belief in more than 1 god


  4. Puebloa form of trade in which people exchange goods and services without the use of money


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