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  1. Ramble
  2. Document
  3. Gullible
  4. Exemplary
  5. Nefarious
  1. a Easily deceived
  2. b Very wicked
  3. c Wander aimlessly
  4. d Serving as a model; outstanding
  5. e Provide written evidence

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  1. Short-lived; fleeting
  2. Overabundance; lavish expenditure; excess
  3. Occurring irregularly
  4. Stealthy; sneaky
  5. Extreme corruption; wickedness

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  1. SeclusionStandard used in judging


  2. AdvocatePride; Haughtiness


  3. AspiresSoft wet boggy land; complex of dangerous situations from which it is difficult to free oneself


  4. AntiquatedOld-fashioned; obsolete


  5. AntidoteMedicine to counteract a poison or disease; something that relieves a harmful effect


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