World Geography (Ch. 24)

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Forty percent of all office space in the United States is located within 50 miles of

New York.

The highest mountain in the Northeast is in which state?

New Hampshire

The largest city in the United States in 1776 was


The discovery of anthracite coal led to the initial development of large-scale iron and steelmaking in


Which of these sites is located in Lower Manhattan?

The New York Stock Exchange

About 75,000 steelworkers in ____ lost their jobs after the steel industry plummeted in 1974.


Which term best defines "gentrification"?

The investment of capital and labor to reclaim substantial older buildings to that it can house a non-profit agency.

Adaptive reuse and gentrification are particularly significant in

New England

The Mason-Dixon Line divides which two states?

(None of the above)

Over 200 kinds of exotic species have crowded out or eliminated many indigenous species in which state?


The Piedmont is not found in which of these states?


Which river separates the Interior Highlands into two sections?

Arkansas River

The largest urban area in the South is

Dallas-Ft. Worth.

The most important southern crop is


Which of these cities is part of the Research Triangle Park?


The busiest airport in the country is located in


The Hampton Roads natural harbor is found in which state?


The main Atlantic base for the US Navy is

Norfolk, Va.

Ten percent of the navigable waterways in the United States and 40% of its river traffic are found on the ____ River.


The leading Midwestern state in agricultural production is


Midwestern farmers may lobby the government to support what kind of alternative energy?


Which city is second only to Detroit in the manufacture of automobiles?

St. Louis

Food processing and meat packing were major early industries of


Which river was so polluted it caught of fire in 1969?


Which city was initially founded by the French and became the Midwest's largest city until the late 19th century?

St. Louis

Why did St. Louis become a break-of-bulk point?

The Mississippi River is much deeper south of St. Louis than north of it.

Precipitation in the Mountain West is largely


The Willamette Valley is located in


The metropolitan areas of southern California, including Los Angeles and San Diego, is approximately

19 million.

The largest tourist draw in the United States is


In California, 1994's Proposition 187

denied public school education and medical services to illegal immigrants.

The leading states in terms of annual fish catch is


Before moving to Seattle in 1979, the Microsoft Corportation was created in which city?


Which of these Hawaiian islands is one of the rainiest areas in the world?


About ____ of Hawaii's population is white.

one quarter (1/4)

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