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  1. social order in which men and women share the same opportunities of full participation in all areas
  2. a goal that is moving to ensure that all children everywhere have access to schooling until at least grade four
  3. death of an infant before age 1
  4. integration of the entire world through a network of communication, transportation and trade
  5. the assumed number of years of life in a certain area

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  1. GDPthe total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year divided by the number of people in the country; a measure of a nation's wealth


  2. environmental sustainabilitymaintaining the factors and practices that contribute to the quality of a habitat on a long-term basis


  3. technologylack of similarity or equality; contrast between "haves and have nots"


  4. Millennium goalsdeath of an infant before age 1


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