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  1. proscription
  2. Ides of March
  3. Carrhae
  4. Social Wars
  5. 509 BC
  1. a year that the Roman Republic established
  2. b Sulla's published list in the Forum of outlawed "traitors" and anyone who harbored them
  3. c defeat of Crassus whose death at the hands of the Parthians spelled the end for the First Triumvirate
  4. d month and day Caesar was assassinated
  5. e wars between Rome and her allies which Rome won but granted the allies their citizenship

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  1. The 6th king of Rome. He built a huge wall to defend Rome from rival city-states. He also reorganized the army but was killed by his own son who pushed him down the stairs in front of a chariot.
  2. legislature of the Roman Republic made up mostly of patricians
  3. according to legend, the seventh and last Etruscan king of Rome who was expelled for his cruelty and his sons rape of Lucretia
  4. Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar b/c Senate refused to give in to each of their demands
  5. king of Epirus who came to the defense of Greek colonies in Italy, defeated the Romans in two battles in spite of staggering losses but ultimately was forced out of Italy

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  1. res publicapublic land - which was a source of controversy after the Punic Wars


  2. "alea iacta est""Carthage must be destroyed" - Cato the Elder about the threat of Carthage


  3. latifundiaan official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights and was given the power to veto the laws of the Senate


  4. "Carthago delenda est""Carthage must be destroyed" - Cato the Elder about the threat of Carthage


  5. patriciansmembers of the landholding upper class


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