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  1. Pompey
  2. res publica
  3. latifundia
  4. Sulla
  5. Brutus
  1. a large landed estates
  2. b a public affair (republic)
  3. c one of the leading assassins of Caesar
  4. d Roman general and statesman who cleared the Med. of pirates, conquered the East, was a part of the First Triumvirate before fighting Caesar in the Civil War and fleeing to Egypt where he was murdered
  5. e General, commander of war in Asia Minor, Plebians tried to transfer power to Marius, Sulla marches on Rome and later wins civil war killing the opposition

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  1. modern-day France and parts of Belgium which were conquered by Caesar
  2. an official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights and was given the power to veto the laws of the Senate
  3. rich kingdom in Asia Minor that was given to Rome after its king died
  4. Grandson of General Scipio, Elected tribune, he proposed law to take land back from Senators and give it to the landless, but killed by senators b/c his law would have destroyed patronage
  5. year that Caesar was assassinated

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  1. "Carthago delenda est""The die is cast" - Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon


  2. pyrrhic victorySulla's published list in the Forum of outlawed "traitors" and anyone who harbored them


  3. "alea iacta est""Carthage must be destroyed" - Cato the Elder about the threat of Carthage


  4. cursus honoruma period count of the population for military and, tax, and voting purposes which was first taken out by Servius Tullius


  5. Rhine Riverriver that Rome was founded upon


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