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  1. What effect do education, age, and experience level have on police behavior and decision- making?
  2. Why do most police departments follow a bureaucratic organizational structure?
  3. Which of the following styles is chiefly concerned with achieving "order maintenance" through control of illegal and disruptive behavior?
  4. Which type of neighborhood mostly dislike police, but also need them the most?
  5. What is the territorial imperative?
  1. a Neither A nor B are correct
  2. b Both A and B;
    a) Neighborhoods that have more quality-of-life problems
    b) Lower socioeconomic neighborhoods
  3. c To direct and control employee behavior
  4. d The watchman style
  5. e The sense of obligation and protectiveness that develops in officers' routine patrol areas

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  1. Muir
  2. Police behavior is dictated by their position in the impossible situation of ensuring public order and protecting individual rights
  3. Ladylike behavior
  4. As the relational distance between two parties increases, arrest is more likely
  5. Young people tend to disrespect police more, which leads to a reciprocal behavior by police arrest

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  1. What is the definition of a symbolic assailant?The sense of obligation and protectiveness that develops in officers' routine patrol areas


  2. Which perspective determines that officers are psychologically similar?A person whom a police officer thinks is potentially dangerous, such as someone who seems suspicious


  3. Which of the following is one of the five attitudinal dimensions Worden used to explain difference between individual officers?Role orientations


  4. What type of neighborhood are police more likely to respond to a request for arrest?Wealthy neighborhoods


  5. What are some characteristics of officers that support the argument for predisposition?None of the above


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