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  1. Tragicomedy
  2. Different types of Comedy
  3. Subplot
  4. Character
  5. verisimilitude
  1. a Situation, Character, Idea, Manners, Romantic
  2. b Play where comic and tragic are equially mixed, serious actions, but happy ending
  3. c secondary lines of action that are entwined with the main story
  4. d Fictional person who performs the action of the play
  5. e a neoclassical concept that established theatrical events should be reality-based

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  1. play writing based on interpretation of classical greek
  2. Tragedy, Comedy, Tragicomedy, Melodrama
  3. events process foward in time
  4. works spoked by the characters in a play
  5. Types of stage, most common

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  1. Aristotle's 6 elements of PlaySituation, Character, Idea, Manners, Romantic


  2. Protagonistcentral character


  3. Renaissancephysical humor


  4. Antagonistcentral character


  5. Printing PressTragedy, Comedy, Tragicomedy, Melodrama


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