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  1. Playwright
  2. Language
  3. Renaissance
  4. Comedy of Character
  5. William Shakespeare
  1. a A writer in England who wrote in verse
  2. b action is driven by the eccentricities of its major figure
  3. c started in Italy, time of the arts
  4. d For many centuries the standard language of the theatre was verse or poetry
  5. e the author, or crafter, of the play

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  1. occurs when a line of action veers around suddenly to it opposite
  2. works spoked by the characters in a play
  3. a group of educated men from Oxford and Cambridge who wrote and performed for the professional public theatre, Christopher Marlowe
  4. plays no longer protected by copywright
  5. central character

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  1. Casual Play Structurephysical humor


  2. Different types of Comedythe italian contribution to theatre during Renaissance


  3. Verseplain writing, no rhymed or structure, inartistic


  4. Plotorganization of action


  5. Thoughtideas found in a play


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