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  1. Playwright
  2. Comedy of Character
  3. Plot
  4. Dramatists Guild
  5. Printing Press
  1. a organization of action
  2. b the invention that helped with the production of plays
  3. c the author, or crafter, of the play
  4. d action is driven by the eccentricities of its major figure
  5. e established in 1920, organization to safe guard writers' interest, offers standard contract for commercial purposes

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  1. secondary lines of action that are entwined with the main story
  2. started in Italy, time of the arts
  3. A writer in England who wrote in verse
  4. the things we see
  5. drop in emotional intensity following the climax

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  1. Aristotle's 6 elements of PlaySituation, Character, Idea, Manners, Romantic


  2. Protagonistcentral character


  3. Romantic Comedyfollows the attempts of lovers to get together


  4. Languagecommon improv situations/events


  5. melodramaorganization of action


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