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  1. Tragedy
  2. Catharsis
  3. Commedia Dell' Arte
  4. Spectacle
  5. Inciting Incident
  1. a an event that sets off the major conflict
  2. b dealt with catharsis, ends unhappily, emotions of pity of fear, magnitude or importance
  3. c the things we see
  4. d emotional release, related to tragedy
  5. e Improvisational comedy that originated in Italy sometime before 1568

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  1. physical humor
  2. stages that are at an angle
  3. Situation, Character, Idea, Manners, Romantic
  4. what a character says, what others say about them, what they do
  5. Play where comic and tragic are equially mixed, serious actions, but happy ending

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  1. Comedyobjective viewpoint, lower stakes, reinforcement of social norms, humorous


  2. Linear Plotorganization of action


  3. Stage DirectionsWritten descriptions of physical or emotional action or physical appearance


  4. Printing Presscentral character


  5. Aristotle's 6 elements of PlayPlot, Character, Thought, Language, Music, Spectacle


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