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  1. Public Domain
  2. Inciting Incident
  3. Discovery
  4. Falling Action
  5. Romantic Comedy
  1. a an event that sets off the major conflict
  2. b drop in emotional intensity following the climax
  3. c occurs when something important is found, learned, or realized
  4. d follows the attempts of lovers to get together
  5. e plays no longer protected by copywright

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  1. Written descriptions of physical or emotional action or physical appearance
  2. In England, the stage and arena where Shakespeare put on his shows
  3. Types of stage, most common
  4. physical humor
  5. the italian contribution to theatre during Renaissance

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  1. Musicmusical score


  2. Languageworks spoked by the characters in a play


  3. Dialogueorganization of action


  4. Protagonistwho or what oppose the central characters


  5. neoclassic goalsreality, morality, universality, defines versimilitude


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