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  1. Thermidorian reaction
  2. representative government
  3. liberty and equality
  4. checks and balances
  5. sans-culottes
  1. a a reaction to the Reign of Terror where middle class professionals reasserted their authority
  2. b Two ideas that fueled revolution in America and Europe. It was a call for individual human rights
  3. c A system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches
  4. d Power is held by the people and exercised through representatives elected by the people.
  5. e urban workers "those without knee breeches"

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  1. a phase when the fall of the French monarchy marked a rapid radicalization of the Revolution
  2. These were the liberals of France who did not want to execute Louis XVI, but The Mountain did anyway
  3. Radical republicans during the French Revolution.
  4. the power to govern
  5. Emphasizes freedom, democracy, and the importance of the individual.

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  1. planned economythe power to govern


  2. the Mountainpolitical party lead by Robespierre, men of action, were main leaders in revolution


  3. nationalismlove of country and willingness to sacrifice for it


  4. Great Fearwhen Bastille was destroyed, a wave of violence that took over france


  5. constitutional monarchyThe idea that the father was the head of the household and ruled with absolute authority.


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