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  1. consummate
  2. importune
  3. reprehensible
  4. relegate
  5. pestilential
  1. a banish
  2. b deserving blame
  3. c causing plague; malicious effect that spreads like quickly and far
  4. d complete
  5. e to beset with repeated or insistent requests

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  1. tending to push self-assertively forward; blatant or prominent.
  2. a wasteful person; spendthrift
  3. pacify; appease
  4. encourage favor by cringing and flattering
  5. downward slope

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  1. peccadillopacify; appease


  2. acidulousslightly sour, sharp, caustic


  3. misogynistemancipate; free from bondage (like from inner slavery)


  4. serendipitygood fortune; luck , a lucky coincidence


  5. quintessencepurest and highest embodiment


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