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  1. Industry
  2. Archipelago
  3. Levee
  4. Irrigation
  5. Nomadic
  1. a describes a way of life in which a person or group lives by moving from place to place
  2. b a group of islands
  3. c the manufacturing and making of products to sell
  4. d the process of collecting water and using it to water crops
  5. e a raised riverbank used to control flooding

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  1. the basic rights that belong to all citizens
  2. the industry that provides services to people who are traveling for enjoyment
  3. a flat, treeless plain with permanently frozen ground
  4. a dense stand of trees and other vegetation that receives a great deal of precipitation each year
  5. a large painting on a wall

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  1. Indigenousdescribing evergreen trees that produce cones to hold seeds and that have needles instead of leaves


  2. Isthmusa narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas


  3. Agriculturethe practice of growing crops and raising livestock


  4. Lockan action in which a group of individuals seize control of a government


  5. Deciduousjoined together inside a common boundary


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