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  1. Elevation
  2. Indigenous
  3. Tundra
  4. Tourism
  5. Levee
  1. a living or existing naturally in a particular place
  2. b a flat, treeless plain with permanently frozen ground
  3. c a raised riverbank used to control flooding
  4. d the measurement of how much above or below sea level a place is
  5. e the industry that provides services to people who are traveling for enjoyment

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  1. describing evergreen trees that produce cones to hold seeds and that have needles instead of leaves
  2. a dense stand of trees and other vegetation that receives a great deal of precipitation each year
  3. an action in which a group of individuals seize control of a government
  4. a group of islands
  5. the basic rights that belong to all citizens

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  1. Irrigationthe measurement of how much above or below sea level a place is


  2. Revolutiona period of violent and sweeping change


  3. Murala large painting on a wall


  4. Cash Cropsa farm product grown for sale


  5. Basina large painting on a wall


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