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  1. Industry
  2. Estuary
  3. Levee
  4. Revolution
  5. Coup
  1. a an area where river currents and the ocean tide meet
  2. b the manufacturing and making of products to sell
  3. c an action in which a group of individuals seize control of a government
  4. d a raised riverbank used to control flooding
  5. e a period of violent and sweeping change

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  1. a small river that flows into a larger river
  2. the industry that provides services to people who are traveling for enjoyment
  3. the measurement of how much above or below sea level a place is
  4. a farm product grown for sale
  5. a large painting on a wall

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  1. Rain foresta farm product grown for sale


  2. Deciduousjoined together inside a common boundary


  3. Locka gated passageway used to raise or lower boats in a waterway


  4. Coniferousdescribing evergreen trees that produce cones to hold seeds and that have needles instead of leaves


  5. Indigenousliving or existing naturally in a particular place


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