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  1. example of adaptive radiation
  2. speciation
  3. struggle for survival
  4. example of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
  5. heritable variation
  1. a the variety of species of Darwin's finches
  2. b members of a population compete for existing resources
  3. c the process by which new types of organisms arise
  4. d when members of a population have different traits that are passed on genetically to offspring
  5. e the ability to mathematically detect whether evolution is occurring in a population

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  1. when natural selection weeds out the extremes
  2. the wing of a bird and a person's arm
  3. when an organism has traits that allow it to survive and reproduce better than others
  4. a change in the gene frequencies due to chance events
  5. a change in the DNA sequence by changing, adding, or deleting one or a few nucleotides

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  1. allele frequencythe history of organismal lineages as they change through time


  2. coevolutionwhen two different species evolve simultaneously to benefit eachother


  3. example of reproductive isolationa mule produced from a donkey and a horse is sterile


  4. example of stabilizing selectionnewborn babies have intermediate weights, not too heavy or too tiny


  5. example of coevolutionstructure of red flowers and structure and behavior of bees and birds


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