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  1. homologous structure
  2. phylogeny
  3. disruptive selection
  4. example of stabilizing selection
  5. ontogeny
  1. a a body part with the same basic structure and embryonic origin as that of another organism, though not necessarily the same in function
  2. b newborn babies have intermediate weights, not too heavy or too tiny
  3. c when natural selection favors the extremes
  4. d the steps of embryonic development of an organism
  5. e the history of organismal lineages as they change through time

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  1. when an organism has traits that allow it to survive and reproduce better than others
  2. the fraction of different forms of a given gene in all of the members of a population
  3. the variety of species of Darwin's finches
  4. birds and bats flying
  5. the recombination of different genes within the genome

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  1. gene rearrangementthe recombination of different genes within the genome


  2. example of disruptive selectionthe same genetic code for all living species


  3. natural selectionthe environment creates selective pressures that influence which organisms survive and reproduce to pass on their own genes


  4. adaptive radiationwhen members of a population have different traits that are passed on genetically to offspring


  5. example of Hardy-Weinberg equilibriumthe variety of species of Darwin's finches


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