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  1. example of stabilizing selection
  2. phylogeny
  3. survival of the fittest
  4. example of genetic drift
  5. ontogeny -> recapitulates -> phylogeny
  1. a the history of organismal lineages as they change through time
  2. b rabbits being hit by cars in the countryside
  3. c newborn babies have intermediate weights, not too heavy or too tiny
  4. d (in order) the stages of embryonic development mimic evolutionary changes, such as the presence of gill slits during human development
  5. e when an organism has traits that allow it to survive and reproduce better than others

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  1. a mule produced from a donkey and a horse is sterile
  2. when populations are prevented from mating due to rivers, oceans, mountains, continental drift, etc.
  3. when organisms not closely related independently evolve similar traits
  4. the process by which new types of organisms arise
  5. the variety of species of Darwin's finches

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  1. homologous structurethe wing of a bird and a person's arm


  2. heritable variationwhen several very different groups of organisms are produced from a common ancestor by natural selection


  3. coevolutionwhen two different species evolve simultaneously to benefit eachother


  4. genetic drifta change in the gene frequencies due to chance events


  5. allele frequencythe fraction of different forms of a given gene in all of the members of a population


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