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  1. speciation
  2. heritable variation
  3. ontogeny -> recapitulates -> phylogeny
  4. phylogeny
  5. homologous structure
  1. a the history of organismal lineages as they change through time
  2. b (in order) the stages of embryonic development mimic evolutionary changes, such as the presence of gill slits during human development
  3. c when members of a population have different traits that are passed on genetically to offspring
  4. d a body part with the same basic structure and embryonic origin as that of another organism, though not necessarily the same in function
  5. e the process by which new types of organisms arise

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  1. populations should expand exponentially but they don't
  2. when differences in courtships, appearance, chemicals or vocalizations prevent reproduction
  3. the variety of species of Darwin's finches
  4. when natural selection favors the extremes
  5. a rapid, sharp decrease in many species

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  1. punctuated equilibriumwhen a population shows little evolutionary change but then rapid events of speciation occur


  2. example of stabilizing selectionthe same genetic code for all living species


  3. struggle for survivalthe fraction of different forms of a given gene in all of the members of a population


  4. example of homologous structurethe wing of a bird and a person's arm


  5. convergent evolutionwhen two different species evolve simultaneously to benefit eachother


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