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  1. struggle for survival
  2. example of disruptive selection
  3. reproductive isolation
  4. example of coevolution
  5. genetic drift
  1. a gray rabbits are easily detected in front of black or white rocks
  2. b when fertilization or embryonic development is prevented or sterile offspring are produced
  3. c members of a population compete for existing resources
  4. d a change in the gene frequencies due to chance events
  5. e structure of red flowers and structure and behavior of bees and birds

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  1. rabbits being hit by cars in the countryside
  2. when traits are acquired by an organism during its lifetime and are passed on to its offspring
  3. birds and bats flying
  4. when an organism has traits that allow it to survive and reproduce better than others
  5. when populations are prevented from mating due to rivers, oceans, mountains, continental drift, etc.

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  1. example of Hardy-Weinberg equilibriumthe variety of species of Darwin's finches


  2. homologous structurea body part with the same basic structure and embryonic origin as that of another organism, though not necessarily the same in function


  3. example of stabilizing selectionnewborn babies have intermediate weights, not too heavy or too tiny


  4. coevolutionwhen two different species evolve simultaneously to benefit eachother


  5. disruptive selectionthe environment creates selective pressures that influence which organisms survive and reproduce to pass on their own genes


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