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Tools and Woodworking Material Functions


makes measurements

try square

forms 90 degree angles

miter box saw

makes a 90 degree cut


used to form formations on the wood


holds projects

sanding block

allows for better sanding


hold two pieces of wood together

half-round wood file

used for filing wood


makes an indent in wood

wood chisel

gets rid of excess materials


used to pound wood

paint brush

spreads paint on the wood


used to smooth wood

sandpaper cardinal rule

always sand with the grain

band saw

cuts curves

belt sander

makes a smooth surface

palm sander

makes a smooth surface

drill press

makes holes

table saw

most common saw


type of wood used to make he stationary holder


very hard but thin material


layered wood made by glueing at 90 degrees

Particle board

made from sawdust and glue

Steel wool

made of steel fibers, smoothes the wood finish


colors the wood


protects the wood

"Pledge" spray wax

removes fingerprints and increases the shine

Machine screw

screw with cross on top

Yellow wood glue

glues paper and wood

Epoxy cement

two part glue which is very versatile and very strong

Krazy Glue

instant glue that was originally formulated to glue skin. glues fingers instantly

Paint thinner

dissolves oil based materials


used to apply the stain and to polish the wax

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