World Geography (Ch. 23)

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Canada is a major importer of

manufactured goods.

More than three-quarters of all foreign investment in Canada comes from

United States.

How many provinces does Canada have?


In Canada

St. John's is the easternmost city in the country.

The islands of Canada's Arctic are known as the

Queen Elizabeth Islands.

The city of Ottawa lies on which river?

Ottawa River

The southern portion of the Hudson Bay is called the

James Bay.

Canada's most densly populated province is

Nova Scotia.

Newfoundland and Labrador

may have enormous oil and gas reserves offshore in the Hibernia Field.

The modest economic growth of the Atlantic Provinces has come largely from the export of


Which province is most noted for its "long lot" style agriculture land pattern?


The center of Canada's steel industr is


Zebra mussels now living in the St. Lawrence Seaway are thought to have come from

the Caspian Sea.

Until the construction of railroads and canals in the 19th century, what city was the farthest inland ships could travel on the St. Lawrence Seaway?

Quebec City

It is estimated that the tar sands in northern ____ may contain _____ times the energy equivalent of all the oil thought to exist in the Middle East.

Alberta; 3

Which of these statements about the Quebec separatist movement is false?

Quebec encourages the settlement of immigrants looking for work in Quebec's cities as those generally poorer laborers tend to vote for secession.

Calgary and Edmonton were both founded near

oil production areas.

What seperates the Prairie Provinces from the populated parts of Ontario?

The Canadian Shield

Vancouver is located on a natural harbor at the mouth of the _____ River.


Vancouver's population is about 20 percent ethnic ____.


Which is Canada's most moutainous province or territory?

British Columbia

Which city is known as the most English of Canadian cities?


About _____ percent of Canada has tundra or subartic climates.


Which of these statements about the Near North is false?

Thunder Bay, Ontario, is the largest city of the Near North

The power utility company Hydro-Quebec cancelled plans to dam the Great Whale River after opposition from which Native American group?


The Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake are both drained by the

Mackenzie River.

The Mackenzie River empties into which body of water?

The Beaufort Sea

Many of Canada's Inuit groups have taken to negotiating royalty arrangments with oil and natural gas companies after the collapse of what industry?


Which of these statements about Greenland is false?

Greenland joined the European Economic Community as a seperate entity from Denmark in 1985

The St. Pierre and Miquelon Islands south of Newfoundland are still owned by France.


Stocks of cod, haddock, flounder, and other fish in the Grand Banks have started to recover after the Canadian government instituted a moratorium on fishing grounds.


Montreal has recently been surpasses in trade by Vancouver.


The extreme northern outpost of the Prairie region of grain and livestock agriculture is known as the Lake Country.


Nanavut was granted provincial status in 1999.


The United States maintains a giant radar installation in Greenland's capital city.


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