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  1. WHAT are the following four conditions must be met if a firm's resources are to be used to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage?
  2. Strategy making can improve the following for both big and small firm:
  3. Proactiveness
  4. The matrix separates businesses into four categories which are WHAT?
  5. Unrelated diversification
  1. a Star, Question mark,Cash cow, and Dog
  2. b Profits,Sales Growth, and Return on Investment
  3. c entrepreneurial firms anticipate future problems, needs, or changes and develop solutions to meet them, even if they are unrelated to their current business.
  4. d creating or acquiring companies in completely unrelated businesses.
  5. e Valuable resource,Rare resource ,Imperfectly imitable resource, and Nonsubstitutable resource

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  1. a discrepancy between upper management's intended strategy and the strategy actually implemented by lower levels of management
  2. : the firms in a strategic group whose strategies are changing from one strategic position to another
  3. creating or acquiring companies that share similar products, manufacturing, marketing, technology, or cultures
  4. related diversification
  5. assess the need for strategic change, conduct a situational analysis, and choose strategic alternatives.

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  1. Growth strategya strategy that focuses on improving the way in which the company sells the same products or services to the same customers


  2. Risk Takinginvolves identifying outstanding practices, processes, and standards at other companies and adapting them to your own company


  3. Core firmsthe central companies in a strategic group.


  4. Competitive Aggressivenessentrepreneurial firms must be more willing to use unconventional strategies than the firms already existing in a new market space in order to gain an advantage.


  5. Competitive inertiaa reluctance to change strategies or competitive practices that have been successful in the past


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