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  1. culture area
  2. Polygyny
  3. Cultural evolution
  4. Social mobility
  5. Patrilocal
  1. a in with or close by grooms parents
  2. b many wives one husband, the practice that allowed men to have more than one wife
  3. c a geographic region in which a number of societies followsimilar patterns of life
  4. d the ability of individuals to move from one social standing to another.
  5. e cultures changing over time

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  1. used for extremely valuable goods (cattle wives sorcerers) large or rare objects
  2. a society in which pwople are hierarchically divided and renked into social strata, or laters, and do not shar equally in the basic resources that support survival, influence, and prestige.
  3. related by blood
  4. each roup that results from a division of a society into two halves on the basis of descent
  5. many husbands one wife

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  1. PastoralismA type of agricultural activity based on nomadic animal husbandry or the raising of livestock to provide food, clothing, and shelter.


  2. social mobilityhousehold made up of a mother, father, and children


  3. Conspicuous consumptionbuying expensive services and products in order to flaunt your wealth


  4. Affinal kinin-laws


  5. Extended familyclosely related people of several generations


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