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  1. Mal adaptation
  2. Kula ring
  3. economics
  4. General money
  5. Economic anthropology
  1. a cash, change allows for exchange of goods for uneven amounts
  2. b lots of people die. Level of "society" drops
  3. c an organied arrangement for producing, distributing, and consuming goods
  4. d a form of balanced reciprocity that reinforces trade and social relations among the seafaring Trobriand people, who inhabit a large ring of islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Papua New Guinea, and other Melanesians
  5. e trade

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  1. equals burden and presents a social responsibility to redistribute
  2. attempting to cheat a trading partner
  3. a series of beneficial adjustments of organisms to their environment
  4. decent traced exvlusively through the femal line to establish group membership
  5. culturally forced to mate with "own group" (money politics religion)

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  1. Taboosocially unacceptable (brother sister) (parent child)


  2. Polyandryhaving more than one spouse at a time


  3. Peasanta person who makes a living from working the soil, especially in poorer countries


  4. Parallel evolution2 different groups with similar cultures when countering similar circumstances will develop similar adaptations


  5. Sexbiological reproduction and how often it is permitted


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