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  1. STD
  2. consanguineal kin
  3. matrilineal
  4. Patrilocal
  5. stratification
  1. a sexually transmitted disease
  2. b a society in which pwople are hierarchically divided and renked into social strata, or laters, and do not shar equally in the basic resources that support survival, influence, and prestige.
  3. c decent traced exvlusively through the femal line to establish group membership
  4. d related by blood
  5. e in with or close by grooms parents

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  1. trade
  2. a unilineal descent group composed of at least two clans that supposedly share a common ancestry, whether or not they really do
  3. person whom has accumulated wealth feels socially obligated to redistribute wealth, goods
  4. having more than one spouse at a time
  5. goods meeting in one place to sell

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  1. Avunculocala residence pattern inwhich a married couple may choos choose to live with/near husband's or wife's family


  2. market exchangebuying and selling of goods and services, with prices set by rules of supply and demand


  3. culture areaa form of balanced reciprocity that reinforces trade and social relations among the seafaring Trobriand people, who inhabit a large ring of islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Papua New Guinea, and other Melanesians


  4. Carrying capacityhow much life land can support


  5. Sexa closed social class in a stratified society in which membership is determined bt birth and fixed for life


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