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  1. hustings
  2. emblazon
  3. cynosure
  4. epigram
  5. saga
  1. a the center of attraction, attention, or interest or something that serves to guide or direct
  2. b a tale of figures or events of Norway and Iceland from history or legend or a story of heroic deeds or a long detailed account
  3. c a witty saying
  4. d to inscribe or decorate conspicuously or to celebrate
  5. e the activities involved in political campaigning (especially speech making) or the places

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  1. to specify a condition
  2. a place that is idyllic, unaffected by time, or remote from reality
  3. having or showing knowledge and skill
  4. minority or a period of youth before maturity or lack of maturity
  5. to lessen or to make more correct

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  1. Pollyannaabundance or excess


  2. rifeabundant; prevalent


  3. collywobblesbellyache


  4. delectationto lessen or to make more correct


  5. debunkto expose untruths, shams, or exaggerated claims


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