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  1. encrypted
  2. attachment
  3. A
  4. file extension
  5. an arrow next to or below the button
  1. a A two-part button consists of the button and _______.
    Select one:
    a. an arrow next to or below the button
    b. its dialog box
    c. a corresponding button elsewhere on the ribbon
    d. the icon that executes the command
  2. b Only ____ email can be transmitted safely and privately.
    Select one:
    a. work
    b. Web-based
    c. encrypted
    d. logged
  3. c A(n) ______ is a file you send with an email message.
    Select one:
    a. tag
    b. addendum
    c. attachment
    d. widget
  4. d In the accompanying figure, box _______ provides one-click access to commonly used commands, such as Save, Undo, and Redo.

    Select one:
    a. H
    b. A
    c. K
    d. M
  5. e ".docx" is an example of a(n) _______.
    Select one:
    a. taskpane shortcut
    b. Clipboard snippet
    c. file extension
    d. PowerPoint file

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. Unlike ____, ____ cannot replicate themselves.
    Select one:
    a. Trojan horses, worms
    b. viruses, worms
    c. worms, Trojan horses
    d. worms, viruses
  2. Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions

    Case 3-2
    You are in the market for various kinds of application software.

    Lastly, you need a specialized program to help you track your personal expenses, balance your checking accounts, and write checks. You were looking at buying ____, but you realized that much of what you need is already available via online banking with your local bank.
    Select one:
    a. database software
    b. accounting software
    c. personal finance software
    d. vector software
  3. _____ is a method of storing data on two or more hard drives that work together.
    Select one:
    a. RAID
    b. SAN
    c. NAS
    d. Cloud computing
  4. A(n) ____ network uses a central cable to which all network devices connect.
    Select one:
    a. ether-ring
    b. star
    c. bus
    d. mesh
  5. Facebook is an example of a(n) ____ site.
    Select one:
    a. social networking
    b. Webinar
    c. ISP
    d. wiki

5 True/False questions

  1. Twisted-pairThe desktop _____ is a horizontal bar containing buttons that provide quick access to common tools and running programs.
    Select one:
    a. taskbar
    b. Charms bar
    c. Start screen
    d. notification area


  2. greenThe term ____ computing refers to the use of computers in an environmentally friendly manner.
    Select one:
    a. green
    b. blue
    c. bio
    d. tonic


  3. Identity theft____ occurs when someone obtains enough information about a person to be able to masquerade as that person.
    Select one:
    a. Spoofing
    b. Pharming
    c. Identity theft
    d. Data theft


  4. favoriteA _______ is a shortcut to a Web page saved in a list in the Internet Explorer desktop application.
    Select one:
    a. Slice
    b. favorite
    c. frequent
    d. histogram


  5. Bitmap____ images are created by coloring the individual pixels in an image.
    Select one:
    a. Bitmap
    b. Vector
    c. Illustrator
    d. Radial


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