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  1. workbooks
  2. is moved, not copied
  3. kernel
  4. VPN
  5. .jpg
  1. a To help protect your computer, avoid opening email attachments with any of the following file extensions EXCEPT ____.
    Select one:
    a. .exe
    b. .jpg
    c. .com
    d. .vbs
  2. b The core of the computer's operating system is called the ____.
    Select one:
    a. boot sector
    b. node
    c. shell
    d. kernel
  3. c The files you create in Excel are called _______.
    Select one:
    a. documents
    b. presentations
    c. workbooks
    d. databases
  4. d When you drag a file or folder from one location to another on the same drive, it _____.
    Select one:
    a. is copied, not moved
    b. is moved, not copied
    c. is automatically extracted
    d. is automatically compressed
  5. e A(n) ____ is a secure, private path across a public network that is set up to allow authorized users private, secure access to the company network.
    Select one:
    a. LAN
    b. intranet
    c. VPN
    d. Internet P2P network

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions

    Case 5-1
    The world of the Internet can be overwhelming. You take some time to break it down in your mind, understanding the community and its players. For each of the following questions, look at the organizations, businesses, or individuals listed, and then determine what they represent as a whole.

    AT&T, Comcast are ____.
    Select one:
    a. ISPs
    b. software companies
    c. key Internet organizations
    d. ASPs
  2. System software consists of ____.
    Select one:
    a. the operating system & utility programs that control a computer
    b. productivity programs such as Microsoft Office
    c. RAM, the hard disk, and any USB flash drives attached
    d. only those programs that operate enterprise-class servers
  3. In the accompanying figure, you can type entries into the location(s) marked by box _______.

    Select one:
    a. B
    b. C
    c. F
    d. G
  4. In the accompanying figure, box _______ represents the view buttons.

    Select one:
    a. A
    b. B
    c. L
    d. H
  5. The text lists all of the following as commonly used Web browsers EXCEPT ____.
    Select one:
    a. Navigator
    b. Internet Explorer
    c. Chrome
    d. Firefox

5 True/False questions

  1. Identity theftOnly ____ email can be transmitted safely and privately.
    Select one:
    a. work
    b. Web-based
    c. encrypted
    d. logged


  2. UNIXMac OS is based on the ____ operating system.
    Select one:
    a. LiMaX
    b. UNIX
    c. DOS
    d. FORTRAN


  3. a URLUsing only what you can see in the accompanying figure, you can say that the box marked A is pointing to _______.

    Select one:
    a. a URL
    b. the home page
    c. the status bar
    d. the current default search engine


  4. tabsThe ribbon is organized into _______ and groups.
    Select one:
    a. panes
    b. quadrants
    c. workspaces
    d. tabs


  5. command-line interfaceThe accompanying figure shows a(n) ____.

    Select one:
    a. GUI
    b. HUI
    c. command-line interface
    d. UNIX interface


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