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  1. concomitant
  2. aspersion
  3. effrontery
  4. anathema
  5. deprecate
  1. a to belittle, depreciate (Always over-modest, he deprecated his contribution to the local charity.)
  2. b (n.) a curse, expression of ill-will (The rival politicians repeatedly cast aspersions on each others' integrity.)
  3. c (adj.) accompanying in a subordinate fashion (His dislike of hard work carried with it a concomitant lack of funds.)
  4. d (n.) impudence, nerve, insolence (When I told my aunt that she was boring, my mother scolded me for my effrontery.)
  5. e (n.) a cursed, detested person (I never want to see that murderer. He is an anathema to me.)

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  1. (adj.) practicing restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious (The priest lives an ascetic life devoid of television, savory foods, and other pleasures.)
  2. (n.) eagerness, speed (For some reason, Chuck loved to help his mother whenever he could, so when his mother asked him to set the table, he did so with alacrity.)
  3. (n.) keen insight (Because of his mathematical acumen, Larry was able to figure out in minutes problems that took other students hours.)
  4. to laugh at mockingly, scorn
  5. (v.) to reject, renounce (To prove his honesty, the president abjured the evil policies of his wicked predecessor.)

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  1. conundrum(n.) puzzle, problem (Interpreting Jane's behavior was a constant conundrum.)


  2. dissemblequiet, modest, reserved


  3. arrogate(v.) to take without justification (The king arrogated the right to order executions to himself exclusively.)


  4. dither(v.) to criticize openly (The kind video rental clerk decried the policy of charging customers late fees.)


  5. contriteto laugh at mockingly, scorn


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