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  1. concomitant
  2. adumbrate
  3. burnish
  4. clemency
  5. demure
  1. a (n.) mercy (After he forgot their anniversary, Martin could only beg Maria for clemency.)
  2. b (adj.) accompanying in a subordinate fashion (His dislike of hard work carried with it a concomitant lack of funds.)
  3. c (v.) to polish, shine (His mother asked him to burnish the silverware before setting the table.)
  4. d quiet, modest, reserved
  5. e (v.) to sketch out in a vague way (The coach adumbrated a game plan, but none of the players knew precisely what to do.)

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  1. (adj.) hard-working, diligent (The construction workers erected the skyscraper during two years of assiduous labor.)
  2. (adj.) subject to whim, fickle (The young girl's capricious tendencies made it difficult for her to focus on achieving her goals.)
  3. to belittle, depreciate (Always over-modest, he deprecated his contribution to the local charity.)
  4. (v.) to abolish, usually by authority (The Bill of Rights assures that the government cannot abrogate our right to a free press.)
  5. (adj.) brief to the point of being superficial (Late for the meeting, she cast a cursory glance at the agenda.)

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  1. conundrum(n.) puzzle, problem (Interpreting Jane's behavior was a constant conundrum.)


  2. ascetic(adj.) biting, bitter in tone or taste (Jill became extremely acerbic and began to cruelly make fun of all her friends.)


  3. boon(adj.) intellectually convincing (Irene's arguments in favor of abstinence were so cogent that I could not resist them.)


  4. deleterious(adj.) harmful (She experienced the deleterious effects of running a marathon without stretching her muscles enough beforehand.)


  5. conflagration(n.) great fire (The conflagration consumed the entire building.)


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