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  1. capricious
  2. blandish
  3. deprecate
  4. approbation
  5. antipathy
  1. a (v.) to coax by using flattery (Rachel's assistant tried to blandish her into accepting the deal.)
  2. b (n.) a strong dislike, repugnance (I know you love me, but because you are a liar and a thief, I feel nothing but antipathy for you.)
  3. c (adj.) subject to whim, fickle (The young girl's capricious tendencies made it difficult for her to focus on achieving her goals.)
  4. d (n.) praise (The crowd welcomed the heroes with approbation.)
  5. e to belittle, depreciate (Always over-modest, he deprecated his contribution to the local charity.)

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  1. 1. (v.) to support, hold up (The column buttresses the roof above the statue.)
    2. (n.) something that offers support (The buttress supports the roof above the statues.)
  2. (v.) to be indecisive (Not wanting to offend either friend, he dithered about which of the two birthday parties he should attend.)
  3. (v.) to conceal, fake (Not wanting to appear heartlessly greedy, she dissembled and hid her intention to sell her ailing father's stamp collection.)
  4. (adj.) extremely bad (The student who threw sloppy joes across the cafeteria was punished for his egregious behavior.)
  5. (v.) to take without justification (The king arrogated the right to order executions to himself exclusively.)

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  1. alacrity(v.) to criticize openly (The kind video rental clerk decried the policy of charging customers late fees.)


  2. ascetic(adj.) practicing restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious (The priest lives an ascetic life devoid of television, savory foods, and other pleasures.)


  3. calumny(n.) keen insight (Because of his mathematical acumen, Larry was able to figure out in minutes problems that took other students hours.)


  4. cursory(adj.) brief to the point of being superficial (Late for the meeting, she cast a cursory glance at the agenda.)


  5. diffidentshy, quiet, modest


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