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  1. capricious
  2. adumbrate
  3. desiccated
  4. discursive
  5. cajole
  1. a (v.) to sketch out in a vague way (The coach adumbrated a game plan, but none of the players knew precisely what to do.)
  2. b rambling, lacking order
  3. c dried up, dehydrated
  4. d (adj.) subject to whim, fickle (The young girl's capricious tendencies made it difficult for her to focus on achieving her goals.)
  5. e (v.) to urge, coax (Fred's buddies cajoled him into attending the bachelor party.)

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. (adj.) penitent, eager to be forgiven (Blake's contrite behavior made it impossible to stay angry at him.)
  2. (n.) impudence, nerve, insolence (When I told my aunt that she was boring, my mother scolded me for my effrontery.)
  3. to belittle, depreciate (Always over-modest, he deprecated his contribution to the local charity.)
  4. (adj.) brief to the point of being superficial (Late for the meeting, she cast a cursory glance at the agenda.)
  5. (n.) puzzle, problem (Interpreting Jane's behavior was a constant conundrum.)

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  1. aspersion(adj.) practicing restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious (The priest lives an ascetic life devoid of television, savory foods, and other pleasures.)


  2. dissemble(v.) to make unclean, impure (She defiled the calm of the religious building by playing her banjo.)


  3. demurequiet, modest, reserved


  4. antipathy(n.) a strong dislike, repugnance (I know you love me, but because you are a liar and a thief, I feel nothing but antipathy for you.)


  5. cogent(n.) keen insight (Because of his mathematical acumen, Larry was able to figure out in minutes problems that took other students hours.)


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