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  1. Pneumonia
  2. Lytic
  3. Reservoir
  4. Capsid
  5. Virus
  1. a Some viruses infect their hosts and start reproducing themselves right away, making their host sick quickly. Their reproductive cycle
  2. b Lung Cells
  3. c A long term host, usually shows no to mild symptoms; where the virus lives until it moves to humans
  4. d a non-living pathogen made of nucleic acid and protein
  5. e Protein coat

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  1. a world-wide outbreak of disease
  2. DNA that is made from pieces of DNA from 2 different organisms
  3. i. Cut out the Gene
    ii. Insert into a vector
    iii. Open receiver DNA
    iv. Splice (glue) the two pieces together
  4. something that carries a piece of DNA or
    a pathogen but is not affected by them
  5. Bacteria

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  1. Transmissionhow a pathogen gets from host to host


  2. LysogenicOther viruses pause once they get inside the cell. They can lay dormant for days, weeks, or even years. This reproductive cycle


  3. Reverse Transcriptionhow a pathogen gets from host to host


  4. Pathogenanything that causes disease


  5. Reverse Transcriptionhow a pathogen gets from host to host


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