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  1. AIDS
  2. Bacteriophage
  3. Viruses
  4. Lysogenic
  5. Pathogen
  1. a Not living
  2. b Bacteria
  3. c anything that causes disease
  4. d Other viruses pause once they get inside the cell. They can lay dormant for days, weeks, or even years. This reproductive cycle
  5. e White Blood Cells

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  1. something that carries a piece of DNA or
    a pathogen but is not affected by them
  2. to figure out all the genes in a human so diseases could be cured/prevented
  3. Genetically engineered DNA made from fragments of DNA from different organisms
  4. A long term host, usually shows no to mild symptoms; where the virus lives until it moves to humans
  5. Some viruses infect their hosts and start reproducing themselves right away, making their host sick quickly. Their reproductive cycle

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  1. EnvelopeExtra layer on the outside


  2. Transmissiona non-living pathogen made of only protein


  3. HepatitisLiver Cells


  4. Pneumoniaa non-living pathogen made of only protein


  5. TransmissionHow a pathogen gets from its reservoir to its host


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