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  1. Genetic Engineering
  2. AIDS
  3. Pandemic
  4. Recombinant DNA
  5. Viroid
  1. a DNA that is made from pieces of DNA from 2 different organisms
  2. b White Blood Cells
  3. c A floating piece of DNA
  4. d A world-wide outbreak of a disease
  5. e The process of breaking the DNA of an organism into little pieces and putting the pieces into other organisms

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  1. A long term host, usually shows no to mild symptoms; where the virus lives until it moves to humans
  2. an organism that has recombinant DNA that functions
  3. An organism in which the pathogen lives and causes disease
  4. a non-living pathogen made of nucleic acid and protein
  5. a non-living pathogen made only of DNA

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  1. VectorA living organism like an animal or insect that carries


  2. Transmissionhow a pathogen gets from host to host


  3. PrionsProteins only; seems to interfere with other proteins in cells; can cause disease


  4. Recombinant DNAGenetically engineered DNA made from fragments of DNA from different organisms


  5. CapsidA floating piece of DNA


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