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  1. Benjamin Franklin
  2. Thomas Paine
  3. Patrick Henry
  4. life, liberty and the pursuit of material wealth
  5. pre-destination
  1. a Edwards was a strong believer in _______.
  2. b What were the human rights that Locke instated?
  3. c He wrote Common Sense
  4. d He said "Give me liberty or give me death."
  5. e He wrote "The Autobiography"

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  1. He was "buried" in the ocean because USA, France and Spain didn't want him.
  2. Led to the Amer Rev: The writings of the British philosopher ____ which instilled the idea that all human beings had natural rights and are entitled to political and economic freedoms regardless of birth—unlocked inalienable rights—greatly influenced by Jefferson
  3. He was a Scottish man.
  4. He was an author of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 (where he listed 26 grievances, and referred to King George III as "he" )
  5. Led to the Amer Rev: The ___ set forth in early America: a political, religious and economic ___.

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  1. John Lockeunlocked human rights, British philosopher and writer—life, liberty and the pursuit of material wealth


  2. conservative; radicalJonathan Edwards was both a ___ and ____.


  3. Patrick HenryA Scottish man, wrote "A Wealth of Nations", says you have a right to make money when you invest, economics, capitalism.


  4. Thomas Painemade broadsides


  5. Great Awakeninghe wrote 92 essays


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