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  1. sperms acrosomes contain
  2. blood flow increases to the penis in response to
  3. the most common bacterial infection in the US
  4. which of the following hormones causes the oocyte to mature
  5. Which of the following absorb heat from the testes?
  1. a FSH
  2. b chlamydia
  3. c parasympathetic stimulation
  4. d enzymes
  5. e the pampiniform plexus

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  1. ovulation
  2. regulate temperature
  3. mesosalpinx
  4. secondary oocyte
  5. estrogen

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  1. the barometer hormonemammography


  2. this is usually associated with the pituitary glandendometrium


  3. Conversion of haploid spermatids to spermatozoa is specifically called __________.increases its surface area


  4. The functional layer of the endometrium is shed in response to __________.ovary


  5. there are curtains over the ovariesendometrium


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