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  1. the uterine layer shed with each monthly cycle is the
  2. the opening of the female reproductive tract
  3. the ductus deferens by another name
  4. foreskin by another name
  5. the reason why they testes are suspended in the scrotum is
  1. a functional layer of the endometrium
  2. b regulate temperature
  3. c prepuce
  4. d ampulla
  5. e vagina

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  1. spermatogonia
  2. epididymis
  3. endometrium
  4. estrogen
  5. the pampiniform plexus

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  1. what does the pampiniform venous plexus do?make testosterone


  2. In response to warmth, the scrotum __________.increases its surface area


  3. Which cell type is actually ovulated from the ovary?secondary oocyte


  4. Which of the following structures makes up most of the male urethral length?FSH


  5. there are curtains over the ovariesendometrium


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