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  1. sperm are produced in the _____________
  2. a natural antibiotic that females produce
  3. which of the following hormones causes the oocyte to mature
  4. the opening of the female reproductive tract
  5. there are curtains over the ovaries
  1. a seminal plasmin
  2. b seminiferous tubules
  3. c vagina
  4. d FSH
  5. e fimbriae

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  1. fourchette
  2. ovulation
  3. cools arterial blood to keep the testes below core body temperature
  4. interstitial
  5. enzymes

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  1. women try to time this by temperature changesmesosalpinx


  2. foreskin by another namepudendum


  3. vulva by another namepudendum


  4. the most common bacterial infection in the USchlamydia


  5. the uterine layer shed with each monthly cycle is thefunctional layer of the endometrium


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