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  1. one of the limited number women have in their lifetimes
  2. the opening of the female reproductive tract
  3. Which of the following structures makes up most of the male urethral length?
  4. women try to time this by temperature changes
  5. the mucosal lining in the uterus
  1. a ovulation
  2. b vagina
  3. c ovum
  4. d endometrium
  5. e spongy urethra

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  1. proliferative
  2. make testosterone
  3. interstitial
  4. progesterone
  5. paramesonephric folds

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  1. The organ that makes estrogen and progesterone is the __________.ovary


  2. the ridge formed by the labia minorinhibin


  3. the reason why they testes are suspended in the scrotum ischlamydia


  4. within the ovary, progesterone is produced by thecorpus luteum.


  5. sperms acrosomes containmammography


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