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  1. Matthew
  2. Mark
  3. Luke
  1. a His most important sermon- The Sermon on the Mount
  2. b Earthy Gospel- straight talk, not changing the stories, wrote what he saw, didn't want it changed
  3. c Talks about how Jesus loves the outcastes

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  1. first five books of the bible, the Old Testament Laws, the Torah
  2. Wrote one fourth of the New Testament
  3. Gentile
  4. convinces them that Jesus is the messiah they have been waiting for
  5. wrote the Acts of the Apostles

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  1. MarkTalks about how Jesus loves the outcastes


  2. LukeJesus came for everyone- not just Jews


  3. Gentileanointed one


  4. The EvangelistsMother Theresa Gerhardinger


  5. MarkEmphasizes the fact that people were expecting a king, not a lowly carpenter's son, poor


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