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  1. Luke
  2. Matthew
  3. Pentateuch
  4. Mark
  5. Q
  1. a Talks about how Jesus loves the outcastes
  2. b first five books of the bible, the Old Testament Laws, the Torah
  3. c Writing to Jewish people
  4. d source (German)
  5. e Audience- non-Jewish, Christian community, going under some sort of persecution

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  1. Written AD 67-73
  2. Earthy Gospel- straight talk, not changing the stories, wrote what he saw, didn't want it changed
  3. wrote the Acts of the Apostles
  4. His most important sermon- The Sermon on the Mount
  5. Wrote one fourth of the New Testament

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  1. MatthewJewish scribe


  2. MatthewTalks about the Old Testament


  3. Markportrays Jesus as the suffering servant- main theme
    His message is that we all need to suffer, and in the end it will pay off


  4. Marksource (German)


  5. Marksource (German)


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