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  1. The Sermon on the Mount
  2. Mark
  3. Luke
  4. Matthew
  1. a Gentile
  2. b Jewish scribe
  3. c Audience- non-Jewish, Christian community, going under some sort of persecution
  4. d collection of Jesus' teachings

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  1. His most important sermon- The Sermon on the Mount
  2. source (German)
  3. Talks about how Jesus loves the outcastes
  4. First gospel written
  5. Matthew Mark and Luke

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  1. MarkEmphasizes the fact that people were expecting a king, not a lowly carpenter's son, poor


  2. Lukesource (German)


  3. Matthewconvinces them that Jesus is the messiah they have been waiting for


  4. MarkFollower of Peter


  5. SSND foundressMatthew Mark and Luke


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