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  1. carrion
  2. bauble
  3. opulent
  4. gloat
  5. labyrinth
  1. a decaying flesh
  2. b a complicated network of winding passages; a maze
  3. c rich, luxurious; wealthy
  4. d to look at or think about with great satisfaction
  5. e a showy but useless thing

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  1. a barrier; obstruction
  2. a rude or impolite person
  3. a fragment
  4. an exact opposite; an opposite extreme
  5. a shield; protection

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  1. ferventrich, luxurious; wealthy


  2. besiegeto overwhelm; to surround and attack


  3. bestialto overwhelm; to surround and attack


  4. impotenta barrier; obstruction


  5. diaphanousvery sheer and light


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