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  1. tendonitis
  2. sprain
  3. functional classification
  4. articulations of the axial skeleton
  5. synovial joints
  1. a ligament is stretched to the point at which some of the collagen fibers are torn; ligament remains functional, and the structure of the joint is not affected
  2. b inflammation of a tendon
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e synarthrosis

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  1. articulation in which the body surfaces are connected by cartilage; mobility is slight but may be exerted in all directions.
    The articulations of the bodies of the vertebrae are examples
  2. also, luxation; displacement of any part, esp. the temporary displacement of a bone from its normal position in a joint
  3. of, or relating to, arthritis or connective tissue disease
  4. articulation in which bones are united by ligaments

  5. rigid, cartilaginous bridge between two articulating bones; e.g. epiphyseal cartilage

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  1. gomphosise.g. teeth; synarthrotic


  2. structure of a synovial jointbony fusion
    fibrous joint
    cartilaginous joint
    synovial joint


  3. symphysise.g. teeth; synarthrotic


  4. diarthrosisimmovable joint with fibrous connective tissue or cartilage between the bone surfaces.
    Movement is absent or limited, and a joint cavity is lacking. It includes the synchondrosis, suture, and syndesmosis types of joints


  5. articulations of the appendicular skeleton


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