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  1. to cause (someone) to act in an angry, harmful, or violent way
  2. land of a particular kind
  3. an order to bring a jailed person before a judge or court to find out if that person should really be in jail
  4. to become liable or subject to
  5. to be in a state of agitation or intense activity
  1. a incurred
  2. b habeas corpus
  3. c terrain
  4. d incite
  5. e ferment

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  1. accede
  2. orthodoxy
  3. patronage
  4. arduous
  5. demerit

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  1. a practical approach to problems and affairspragmatism


  2. to strive to equal or excelemulate


  3. not liking to work or be activeindolent


  4. the crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their governmentsedition


  5. immoral or offensivelicentiousness


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