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  1. the power or right of a country, group, etc., to govern itself
  2. not capable of being defended against attack or criticism
  3. causing no injury, harmless
  4. causing a strong feeling of sadness
  5. belonging to, having the qualities of, or favoring aristocracy
  1. a poignant
  2. b innocuous
  3. c autonomy
  4. d untenable
  5. e aristocratic

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  1. unmolested
  2. sycophant
  3. emulate
  4. proprietorship
  5. repugnant

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  1. a group within a larger group that has different ideas and opinions than the rest of the groupproxy


  2. to disperse throughoutdisseminate


  3. to cause something to lose its value or to have no effectnullify


  4. to make (something) illegalproscribed


  5. a person who revolts against civil authorityinsurgents


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