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  1. to be rude or impolite
  2. of or relating to the government of a city or town
  3. a strong desire to have or get money
  4. a bad quality in something or someone
  5. a stopping of some action
  1. a demerit
  2. b avarice
  3. c cessation
  4. d municipal
  5. e insolence

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  1. aggregate
  2. clandestine
  3. pragmatism
  4. fiscal
  5. dispersed

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  1. to cause (someone who is angry or upset) to become calm or quietenamored


  2. excessively eagerunicameral


  3. used to describe something that is done without energy or enthusiasm because of habit or because it is expectednullify


  4. to strive to equal or excelemulate


  5. the act of getting a title or right after the person who had that title or right before you has died or is no longer able or allowed to have itsuccession


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