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  1. to cause something to lose its value or to have no effect
  2. a number that shows how many people died in a particular place or during a particular time
  3. used to describe something that is done without energy or enthusiasm because of habit or because it is expected
  4. to describe something as unimportant
  5. aiming for equal wealth, status, etc., for all people
  1. a egalitarian
  2. b mortality rate
  3. c nullify
  4. d belittle
  5. e perfunctory

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  1. clandestine
  2. demographics
  3. intrepid
  4. burned in effigy
  5. conspicuously

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  1. to cause a bad situation to continueperpetuate


  2. causing a strong feeling of dislike or disgustrepugnant


  3. of or relating to farms and farmingagrarian


  4. something that shows what is comingcessation


  5. an order to bring a jailed person before a judge or court to find out if that person should really be in jailhabeas corpus


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