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  1. a country's independent authority and the right to govern itself
  2. capable of being done or used
  3. not capable of being defended against attack or criticism
  4. polite and confident
  5. a crude figure representing a hated person
  1. a sovereignty
  2. b urbanity
  3. c viable
  4. d burned in effigy
  5. e untenable

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  1. repugnant
  2. precarious
  3. terrain
  4. autocratic
  5. audacious

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  1. not wise or sensiblesolvent


  2. to criticize (someone) in a loud and angry wayberate


  3. to officially end somethingrescind


  4. left in peaceunmolested


  5. expressing feelings or opinions in a very loud or forceful wayvacillate


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