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  1. very difficult
  2. belonging to the basic nature of someone or something
  3. a person who engages in irregular warfare
  4. able to pay debts
  5. to become liable or subject to
  1. a inherent
  2. b guerilla
  3. c arduous
  4. d incurred
  5. e solvent

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  1. conciliatory
  2. perpetuate
  3. audacious
  4. belittle
  5. intrusive

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  1. land of a particular kindterrain


  2. the smallest number of people who must be present at a meeting in order for decisions to be madeextortion


  3. stubbornly refusing to obey rules or ordersrecalcitrant


  4. causing a strong feeling of dislike or disgustviable


  5. a self-appointed doer of justicevigilantes


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