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  1. Cardiogenic shock
  2. Congestion (cyanosis/hypoxia)
  3. 3 causes of hypotonic shock
  4. Disseminated Vascular Coagulation
  5. Oliguria
  1. a constriction of the renal cortical vessels reduces GFR. results in renal output.
  2. b Allergen (bee sting), neurogenic (spinal cord, pain from trauma), and bacterial endotoxins (septic shock)
  3. c decreased outflow of a vessel; i.e. local obstruction, congestive heart failure
  4. d pump failure; i.e. secondary to MI, conduction block or arrythmia, myocarditis or valvular heart disease
  5. e a sudden onset of fibrin thrombi in the microcirculation with consumption of coagulation factors and formation of fibrin degradation products. Potential complication with widespread of thrombin.

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  1. adherent masses of blood that have areas of pale alternating with areas of red - lines of zahn
  2. major factors PUSHING fluid out of vessel
  3. deep venous thrombi is usual cause; often following immobilization, i.e. bed rest from hospitalization
  4. hypoperfusion of tissues; the circulatory system can no longer supply nutrients and oxygen to peripheral tissues.
  5. excess fluid in the interstital spaces of the body

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  1. Infarctionischemic necrosis of tissue distal to an area of arterial occulsion or in an area of obstructed venous outflow


  2. Oncotic (albumin)white; organs with single blood supply


  3. 4 Arterial Thrombi outcomeadherent masses of blood that have areas of pale alternating with areas of red - lines of zahn


  4. Hyperemia (erythema)loss of blood volume; i.e. hemorrhages, water loss from burns, vomitting/diarrhea


  5. Pumonary Infarcthemorrhagic; organs with dual blood supply; soft aerated tissues


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