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  1. Is shock reversible?
  2. Anemic infarct
  3. Hyperemia (erythema)
  4. Decompensated shock
  5. 5 types of embolisms
  1. a increased inflow into a vessel; i.e. exercise, inflammation
  2. b when early shock fails: hypotension occurs, BP and CO fall. Tachypnea and SOB lead to heart failure and pulmonary edema causing anoxia, lead to ARDS.
  3. c white; organs with single blood supply
  4. d early stages of shock are reversible and treatable. in the early stages, peripheral vasoconstriction helps compensate for hypoperfusion. the central pooling redirects blood to vital organs. if untreated, can cause death.
  5. e Thrombi, fat, amniotic fluid, foreign substances, and bone marrow

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  1. Allergen (bee sting), neurogenic (spinal cord, pain from trauma), and bacterial endotoxins (septic shock)
  2. sudeen death, clinically silent; resolution, organization, dyspnea, pulmonary infarct
  3. a set of adaptations occur to compensate for the circulatory imbalance. i.e. tachycardia, vasoconstriction of peripheral arteries, and reduced urine production
  4. deep venous thrombi is usual cause; often following immobilization, i.e. bed rest from hospitalization
  5. -20 to 25 per 100,000 PTs have it
    -fatal if 60% of circulation is obstructed

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  1. Paradoxical emboliemboli that travel from venous arterial circulation via a communication between arterial and venous circulation


  2. Hypotonic shockloss of peripheral vascular tone and pooling of blood in dilated peripheral blood vessels


  3. Oliguriaconstriction of the renal cortical vessels reduces GFR. results in renal output.


  4. Oncotic (albumin)constriction of the renal cortical vessels reduces GFR. results in renal output.


  5. Infarctionischemic necrosis of tissue distal to an area of arterial occulsion or in an area of obstructed venous outflow


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