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  1. (from Italian concertare: to reach agreement) In 17th c. music, the combination of voices with one or more instruments, where the instruments do not simply double the voices but play independent parts.
  2. system of notation and performance practice used in the baroque period, in which an instrumental bass line is written out and one or more players of keyboard, lute, or similar instruments fill in the harmony with appropriate chords or improvised melodic lines
  3. Elaborate passage decorating important cadences to Aria's
  4. also known as Second Practice, Monteverdi's new text-driven approach to music , reverses the relationship between music and text; music reflects textual/ poetic structure and meaning; textual painting
    Pg. 298

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  1. Figured Basssymbols used to denote the inversion of a chord (such as 6, 6/4, 6/5, 4/3, or 2)


  2. Affectionsbaroque term for human emotions or states of the soul
    Pg. 296


  3. RealizationA process where it is expected to read figured bass symbols while performing the music.


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