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  1. Baptists
  2. liberation theology
  3. Elizabeth Blackwell
  4. Molly Maguires
  5. Walt Whitman
  1. a used by slaves that someday they will be set free.
  2. b First female graduate of a medical college.
  3. c gained great support from Second Great Awakening, stressed personal conversion and church democracy
  4. d nickname for the Irish Miners' Union in Pennsylvania
  5. e "Leaves of Grass" poet and transcendentalist

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  1. perfected sewing machine
  2. Focus of abolitionists on transporting freed blacks to Africa. Established Liberia, with capital Monrovia.
  3. Plantation Owner, Small Plantation Owner, Yeoman Farmer, Merchant/Industrialist, Overseers, Tenant Farmers, Freedmen, Slaves
  4. "On Walden Pond" and essay on Civil Disobedience. Opposed slavery, and refused to pay tax for Mexican War.
  5. (1794) Thomas Paine's anticlerical treatise that accused church to be bad.

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  1. Mormons"Awful Disclosures", alleged horrors in Catholic convents.


  2. Deism"No Irish Need Apply" signs put in Boston shops


  3. William Lloyd GarrisonPublisher of "The Liberator", favored Northern secession from the South


  4. Amistad(1839) spanish slave ship seized off coast of Cuba by enslaved Africans aboard. They were tried in court, with John Quincy Adams for their case. Secured eventual release.


  5. Limited LiabilityOffered protection for individual investors who cannot be held responsible for more than the value of their individual shares.


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