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  1. Tammany Hall
  2. Amistad
  3. Isaac Singer
  4. Market Revolution
  5. The Liberator
  1. a (1789) Powerful New York political machine that drew support from city immigrants, they helped the immigrants with social services.
  2. b Transformation from a disaggregated, subsistence economy to a national commercial and industrial network.
  3. c (1839) spanish slave ship seized off coast of Cuba by enslaved Africans aboard. They were tried in court, with John Quincy Adams for their case. Secured eventual release.
  4. d perfected sewing machine
  5. e antislavery newspaper founded by William Lloyd Garrison, who called for immediate emancipation of all slaves.

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  1. (1794) Thomas Paine's anticlerical treatise that accused church to be bad.
  2. first college to teach women and African Americans
  3. Small swift vessels that helped American trade.
  4. invented the cotton gin
  5. Rejected divinity of Christ, emphasized goodness of mankind.

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  1. Elias Howe"Father of Prohibitions", Maine Laws, wanted temperance, "10 Nights in a Bar room"


  2. American Colonization Societyradical experiment that practiced free love, birth control, and flourished largely because of superior steel products


  3. William McGuffeynickname for the Irish Miners' Union in Pennsylvania


  4. Methodistsgained great support from Second Great Awakening, stressed personal conversion and church democracy


  5. Edgar Allen PoeActivist who helped improve conditions of mental patients and criminal rights.


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