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  1. Nat Turner
  2. Robert Fulton
  3. Unitarians
  4. Frederick Douglass
  5. Neal Dow
  1. a Rejected divinity of Christ, emphasized goodness of mankind.
  2. b led Nat Turner's Rebellion in 1831, where Virginia slave revolt resulted in death of 60 whites and raised fear in South of further uprisings.
  3. c United States abolitionist who escaped from slavery and became an influential writer and lecturer in the North
  4. d "Father of Prohibitions", Maine Laws, wanted temperance, "10 Nights in a Bar room"
  5. e invented the steamboat

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  1. Responsible for the first pieces of American literature
  2. Literary and intellectual movement. Emphasized individualism and self-reliance, each person possesses an "inner light" that can point way to truth.
  3. nickname for the Irish Miners' Union in Pennsylvania
  4. Reasoned moral behavior and scientific pursuit of knowledge. Rejected bible and divinity of Jesus, but believed a Supreme Being created the universe.
  5. Activist who helped improve conditions of mental patients and criminal rights.

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  1. King CottonA society that focused on Utopian Socialism. It was started by Robert Owens but failed because everybody did not share their fair load of work.


  2. The Liberator"Father of the Factory System", made first efficient American machinery for spinning cotton thread.


  3. Elizabeth Cady StantonAdvocate suffrage for women. "Declaration of Sentiments"


  4. Limited LiabilityOffered protection for individual investors who cannot be held responsible for more than the value of their individual shares.


  5. Cult of Domesticityradical experiment that practiced free love, birth control, and flourished largely because of superior steel products


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