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  1. Lucretia Mott
  2. William Lloyd Garrison
  3. Pony Express
  4. Frederick Douglass
  5. Brook Farm
  1. a Mail system between Missouri and California
  2. b Publisher of "The Liberator", favored Northern secession from the South
  3. c Transcendentalist commune emphasized living plainly while pursuing life of mind.
  4. d United States abolitionist who escaped from slavery and became an influential writer and lecturer in the North
  5. e A Quaker who attended an anti-slavery convention in 1840 and her party of women was not recognized. She and Stanton called the first women's right convention in New York in 1848

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  1. Rejected divinity of Christ, emphasized goodness of mankind.
  2. an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal
  3. "No Irish Need Apply" signs put in Boston shops
  4. Immigrants from Ireland and Germany escaping Great Britain oppression and political instability.
  5. Nativist political party, AKA American party, which emerged in response to an influx of immigrants, particulary Irish Catholics.

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  1. William McGuffey"McGuffey's Readers" hammered lessons of morality, patriotism, and idealism.


  2. Horace MannSpread education throughout America


  3. The Age of Reason(1794) Thomas Paine's anticlerical treatise that accused church to be bad.


  4. Oneida Communityradical experiment that practiced free love, birth control, and flourished largely because of superior steel products


  5. Cyrus McCormickIrish immigrant, invented the mechanical reaper


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