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  1. Lowell System
  2. Shakers
  3. Edgar Allen Poe
  4. Walt Whitman
  5. Dorothea Dix
  1. a Activist who helped improve conditions of mental patients and criminal rights.
  2. b "Leaves of Grass" poet and transcendentalist
  3. c Emphasized simple communal living and expected to practice celibacy. Started by Mother Ann Lee.
  4. d "Fall of the House of Usher" writer and poet
  5. e Factories that employed young women, who supervised the women so they would not for unions.

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  1. Immigrants from Ireland and Germany escaping Great Britain oppression and political instability.
  2. Invented the sewing Machine
  3. "Oversoul" and essay on "Self-Reliance". American transcendentalist who was against slavery and stressed self-reliance, optimism, self-improvement, self-confidence, and freedom.
  4. "Awful Disclosures", alleged horrors in Catholic convents.
  5. a Protestant denomination founded on the principles of John Wesley and Charles Wesley

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  1. TurnpikeToll-based public road to facilitate commerce.


  2. Iron Horse(1840) an early term for a locomotive


  3. Know-Nothing Partycotton and cotton-growing considered the major factor not only in the economy but also in politics.


  4. Hudson River School(1825) New York state canal that linked Lake Erie to Hudson River. Increased profit of farmers.


  5. John J. Audoboninvented the steamboat


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