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  1. sensitive
  2. moody
  3. sensible
  4. shy
  5. ambitious
  1. a person who has common sense and is practical
  2. b person who wants to be successful in life
  3. c person who is happy one moment and sad the next
  4. d person who doesn´t like talking to strangers
  5. e person who can be easily hurt

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. person who likes giving orders
  2. person who is good at influencing other people do what they want
  3. person who works hard
  4. person who likes doing things by himself
  5. person who always want to win

5 True/False Questions

  1. generousperson who wants what other people have


  2. jealousperson who wants what other people have


  3. cleverintelligent


  4. aggressiveperson who is always ready for a fight


  5. spoiltchildren who behave badly


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