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  1. generous
  2. competitive
  3. manipulative
  4. reliable
  5. moody
  1. a person who is good at influencing other people do what they want
  2. b person who is happy one moment and sad the next
  3. c person you can trust
  4. d person who likes giving presents
  5. e person who always want to win

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  1. person who likes doing things by himself
  2. person who only thinks about himself
  3. person who has a nice personality that makes people like him
  4. person who works hard
  5. person who wants what other people have

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  1. affectionateperson who shows that they love someone


  2. shyperson who likes giving orders


  3. cleverintelligent


  4. bossyperson who doesn´t like talking to strangers


  5. sensibleperson who can be easily hurt


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