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  1. going under the hammer
  2. voyage
  3. is wedded to
  4. precarious
  5. juvenile
  1. a long journey to a foreign or distant place, especially by sea. (The three-masted sailing vessel was on a five-month ....)
  2. b چوب حراج می خورند، به حراج گذاشته می شوند
  3. c نامطمئن، متزلزل
  4. d Not fully grown or developed; young
  5. e The act of getting married وابسته است (is .. to)

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  1. To put to a wrong or improper use; گمراه كردن
  2. The process of enlarging the size of something
  3. To remain close; resist separation, To remain emotionally attached; (We .... together in the storm.)
  4. To cover completely in a liquid; To engage wholly or deeply; (scholars who .... themselves in their subjects.)
  5. molten rock that is found beneath the surface of the Earth

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  1. puckرنگ ورو رفته , نخ نما , کهنه of a substance, slightly sticky; Of low quality; In poor taste; gaudy, flashy,


  2. aphrodisiac


  3. pariahmolten rock that is found beneath the surface of the Earth


  4. resinصمغ کاج , انگم کاج , راتيانه , رزين , صمغ , با صمغ پوشاندن


  5. Tauntprovoke, reproach; tease


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