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  1. a solemn reminder
  2. engraved windows
  3. is wedded to
  4. cling
  5. spoiled
  1. a The act of getting married وابسته است (is .. to)
  2. b یک یادآور جدی، یک یادآور ناراحت کننده
  3. c having the character or disposition harmed by pampering or oversolicitous attention
  4. d پنجره هایی که بر روی آنها کلمات یا تصاویری حکاکی شده
  5. e To remain close; resist separation, To remain emotionally attached; (We .... together in the storm.)

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  1. شبه نظامیان
  2. anything that is leftover. تکه , پاره , قراضه
  3. Obligatory; required
  4. The process of enlarging the size of something
  5. همزمان با

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  1. mundanefound in the ordinary course of events


  2. pucka small disc of hard rubber used in ice hockey, 2: A mischievous sprite in English folklore. , بچه شيطان , سيخونک زدنجن


  3. tealA fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze.


  4. severanceجدا سازي , تفکيک , جدايي , مجزايي


  5. epicصمغ کاج , انگم کاج , راتيانه , رزين , صمغ , با صمغ پوشاندن


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