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  1. Light reactions
  2. Photon
  3. Photorespiration
  4. Release of one molecule of G3P
  5. C4 plants
  1. a One molecule of G3P you see leaving the cycle is the net product of photosynthesis. A plant cell uses G3P to make glucose and other organic compounds
  2. b A metabolic pathway that consumes oxygen, releases carbon dioxide, generates no ATP
  3. c A fixed quantity of light energy
  4. d Absorb solar energy and convert it to chemical energy stored in ATP and NADPH
  5. e Alternate modes of carbon fixation have evolved that save water without shutting down photosynthesis. Preced the Calvin cycle by first fixing CO2 into a four-carbon compound. Keeps its stromata mostly closed

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  1. Energy from light, water, ADP + P, NADP+
  2. Make the food for the organisms in the biosphere
  3. Reducation
  4. Regeneration of RuBP
  5. A thick fluid that is enclosed by the two membranes of the chloroplast

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  1. Inputs of the Calvin cycleSugar, NADP+, ADP + P


  2. AutotrophsOrganisms that make their own food and thus sustain themselves without consuming organic molecules derived from any other organisms


  3. CAM plantsFirst organic compound produced is the three-carbon compound 3-PGA.Common and widely distributed; they include soy beans, oats, wheat and rice.


  4. WavelengthThe distance between the crest of two adjacent waves


  5. Calvin cycleA light-absorbing pigment in the chloroplasts that plays a central role in the chloroplasts


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