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  1. Greater need for orientation
  2. Issues public thought were important correlated to those with the most news coverage; media coverage does not reflect reality
  3. Cognitive psychology and agenda setting
  4. Pseudoevents
  5. Media framing
  1. a manufacturing of newsworthy events
  2. b compatible
  3. c second level of agenda setting model
  4. d Funkhouser study
  5. e greater relevance + greater degree of uncertainty

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  1. details of what is included in frame
  2. Zucker
  3. issues public does not experience directly
  4. four dimensions of framing
  5. issues public experiences directly

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  1. Need for orientationmotivation to seek information


  2. Press highlights activities, cover them with different amounts of coverage, activities must be framed, language affects perception, activities linked with symbols, process accelerated when important people address issuesteps of agenda building


  3. Media has some effect in shaping public's agendaCharlotte study


  4. Primingprocess in which the media attend to some issues and not others and thereby alter the standards by which people evaluate election candidates


  5. Relevance of information to individual, degree of uncertainty concerning subject of messagehow agenda setting works


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