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  1. Agenda building
  2. Presentation
  3. Pseudoevents
  4. Intermedia agenda setting
  5. Unobtrusive issues
  1. a manufacturing of newsworthy events
  2. b collective process in which media, government and public influence one another in determining which issues are considered to be important
  3. c size and placement
  4. d issues public does not experience directly
  5. e when elite media set the agenda for other media

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  1. president and agenda setting
  2. four dimensions of framing
  3. Charlotte study
  4. Strong relationship between emphasis placed on campaign issues by the media and judgment of voters
  5. kind of journalism that emphasizes serving the community better by identifying the important problems and issues and focusing on them

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  1. Cognitive attributesdetails of what is included in frame


  2. Need for orientationmotivation to seek information


  3. Topic of newswhat is included in frame


  4. Early recognizerspeople who recognize an issue early in the stages of its development


  5. Affective attributestone of picture


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