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  1. Cognitive psychology and agenda setting
  2. Media set agenda for concrete issues but not abstract issues
  3. Agenda
  4. President needs media to further highlight and explain issues
  5. Media framing
  1. a compatible
  2. b second level of agenda setting model
  3. c president and agenda setting
  4. d Yagade and Dozier
  5. e list of items in the order of importance, with most important at the top

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  1. manufacturing of newsworthy events
  2. Zucker
  3. Charlotte study
  4. two factors on which need for orientation is based
  5. details of what is included in frame

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  1. Topic of newsdegree to which an issue is difficult to conceptualize or be made sensible


  2. Cognitive psychology emerges as rival to behaviorismcompatible


  3. Involves information processing by individual audience membershow agenda setting works


  4. Issues public thought were important correlated to those with the most news coverage; media coverage does not reflect realityIyengar


  5. Affective attributesdetails of what is included in frame


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