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  1. Topic of news, presentation, cognitive attributes, affective attributes
  2. Media framing
  3. Media set agenda for concrete issues but not abstract issues
  4. Topic of news
  5. President needs media to further highlight and explain issues
  1. a what is included in frame
  2. b Yagade and Dozier
  3. c president and agenda setting
  4. d second level of agenda setting model
  5. e four dimensions of framing

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  1. builds upon the idea that an agenda is an abstract notion and that many other things other than those issues could be on the list
  2. Funkhouser study
  3. collective process in which media, government and public influence one another in determining which issues are considered to be important
  4. details of what is included in frame
  5. people who recognize an issue early in the stages of its development

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  1. Agenda-setting functionmedia's capability to raise the importance of an issue in public's mind through news coverage


  2. Greater need for orientationgreater relevance + greater degree of uncertainty


  3. Media has some effect in shaping public's agendaCharlotte study


  4. Agendalist of items in the order of importance, with most important at the top


  5. Obtrusive issuesissues public experiences directly


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