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  1. locus
  2. codominance
  3. bell curve
  4. heterozygous
  5. pleiotropy
  1. a alleles that are both fully expressed neither is dominant or recessive.
  2. b The location of a gene on a chromosome
  3. c Curve that results from a range of variation for a continuous trait; plotted against the frequency
  4. d two different alleles at a gene locus on the chromosome Aa
  5. e a single gene can affect multiple traits.

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  1. The stage between mitotic divisions when a cell grows in mass, doubles its cytoplasmic, and replicates its DNA.
  2. the chance a particular outcome of an event will occur; depends on the total number of outcomes possible.
  3. Technology that produces genetically identical individuals; e.g., artificial twinning, SCNT.
  4. Describes the process of DNA replication, by which one strand of each copy of a DNA molecule is new, and the other is a strand of the original DNA.
  5. Stage of mitosis when cell's chromosomes align midway

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  1. mitosiscell division mechanism that maintains the chromosome number.


  2. gameteMature, haploid reproductive cell


  3. sexual reproductionReproductive mode by which offspring arise from one parent and inherit that parent's genes only


  4. centromereregion on a chromosome where sister chromatids are attached.


  5. spermMature male gamete.


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