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  1. nucleotide
  2. independent assortment
  3. DNA repair mechanism
  4. adenine (A)
  5. nucleosome
  1. a A nitrogen-containing base in nucleotides; also base-pairs with thymine in DNA and uracil in RNA.
  2. b One of several processes by which enzymes repair broken or mismatched DNA strands
  3. c a five-carbon sugar, a nitrogen base, and at least one phosphate group
  4. d Smallest unit of structural organization in chromosomes; around a spool of histone proteins.
  5. e alleles are distributed into gametes independently of alleles of all other genes during meiosis.

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  1. Three or more alleles persist in a population.
  2. reproductive cloning where genetic material is transferred from an adult cell into an unfertilized enucleated egg.
  3. two (2n) of each type of chromosome characteristic
  4. A nitrogen-containing base in nucleotides; also, base-pairs with guanine in DNA and RNA.
  5. A cell that can undergoes meiosis and give rise to gametes.

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  1. incomplete dominancealleles that are both fully expressed neither is dominant or recessive.


  2. genotypespecific alleles carried by an individual


  3. asexual reproductionProduction of offspring by gamete formation and fertilization.


  4. gene expressionProcess by which a cell duplicates its DNA before it divides.


  5. alleleA gene that arises by mutation and encodes slightly different versions of the same gene product.


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