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  1. phenotype
  2. haploid
  3. guanine (G)
  4. hybrid
  5. clone
  1. a A genetically identical copy of DNA, a cell, or an organism.
  2. b Heterozygote. Individual with two different alleles at a gene locus.
  3. c one (n) of each type of chromosome characteristic of the species
  4. d A nitrogen-containing base in nucleotides; also, base-pairs with cytosine in DNA and RNA.
  5. e observable traits.

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  1. a pair of recessive alleles at a locus on homologous chromosomes; e.g., aa.
  2. protein that structurally organizes chromosomes and part of nucleosomes.
  3. a pair of dominant alleles at a locus on homologous chromosomes; e.g., AA.
  4. Member of a pair of chromosomes that differs between males and females.
  5. A diagram used to predict the outcome of a testcross.

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  1. DNA replicationProcess by which a cell duplicates its DNA before it divides.


  2. independent assortmentThe stage between mitotic divisions when a cell grows in mass, doubles its cytoplasmic, and replicates its DNA.


  3. probabilitythe chance a particular outcome of an event will occur; depends on the total number of outcomes possible.


  4. gene expressionspecific alleles carried by an individual


  5. thymine (T)A nitrogen-containing base in nucleotides; also base-pairs with thymine in DNA and uracil in RNA.


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