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  1. nucleosome
  2. reproductive cloning
  3. linkage group
  4. nucleotide
  5. SRY
  1. a All genes tend to stay together during meiosis but may be separated by cross-overs.
  2. b Technology that produces genetically identical individuals; e.g., artificial twinning, SCNT.
  3. c Smallest unit of structural organization in chromosomes; around a spool of histone proteins.
  4. d gene that affects testes and sperm
  5. e a five-carbon sugar, a nitrogen base, and at least one phosphate group

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  1. Stage of mitosis during which chromosomes arrive at the spindle poles and new nuclei form.
  2. Member of a pair of chromosomes that differs between males and females.
  3. Reproductive mode by which offspring arise from one parent and inherit that parent's genes only
  4. two (2n) of each type of chromosome characteristic
  5. a pair of dominant alleles at a locus on homologous chromosomes; e.g., AA.

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  1. histoneA genetically identical copy of DNA, a cell, or an organism.


  2. zygotefirst cell of a new individual, fertilized


  3. independent assortmentA diagram used to predict the outcome of a testcross.


  4. ligaseEnzyme that seals breaks in double-stranded DNA.


  5. homologous chromosomeexcept for the nonidentical sex chromosomes, members of a pair have the same length, shape, and genes.


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