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  1. cell cycle
  2. somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT)
  3. guanine (G)
  4. clone
  5. bipolar spindle
  1. a The time a cell forms until it reproduces. In eukaryotes, it consists of interphase, mitosis, and cytoplasmic division.
  2. b A genetically identical copy of DNA, a cell, or an organism.
  3. c A nitrogen-containing base in nucleotides; also, base-pairs with cytosine in DNA and RNA.
  4. d reproductive cloning where genetic material is transferred from an adult cell into an unfertilized enucleated egg.
  5. e dynamically assembled array of microtubules that moves chromosomes during mitosis or meiosis.

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  1. one allele is not fully dominant over another, the phenotype is somewhere in between
  2. first cell of a new individual, fertilized
  3. Mature male gamete.
  4. One of several processes by which enzymes repair broken or mismatched DNA strands
  5. products of two or more gene pairs that influence a single trait

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  1. interphaseThe stage between mitotic divisions when a cell grows in mass, doubles its cytoplasmic, and replicates its DNA.


  2. gameteHeritable unit of information in DNA


  3. DNA replicationProcess by which a cell duplicates its DNA before it divides.


  4. linkage groupAll genes tend to stay together during meiosis but may be separated by cross-overs.


  5. homozygous recessivea pair of recessive alleles at a locus on homologous chromosomes; e.g., aa.


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